• Ms. Brown’s Dance II Dance Rubrics


    Poor/ 1 pt

    Fair/ 2 pts

    Good/ 3 pts

    Excellent/ 4 pts

    Knowledge of Choreography

    Remembers only a few of the steps/ movements.

    Demonstrates some knowledge of choreography, but unsure of movements.

    Demonstrates good knowledge of choreography. Few errors.

    Demonstrates excellent knowledge of the choreography. Executes with few or no mistakes.



    Demonstrates little to none of the technical elements within the choreography or as explained in class.

    Demonstrates only some understanding of technical elements;

    Demonstrates attention to most details of technique, but hasn’t attained full proficiency yet.

    Demonstrates great attention to technique; shows proficiency within the dance style.



    The student is not very focused, concentrated, or committed to performance.

    The student is generally focused, but the energy is low and/or inconsistent.

    The student is confident, and communicates with other dancers and the audience through eye contact and facial and body expression.

    The student is fully committed and is able to engage the audience completely through their performance.



    Usually unaware of music and phrasing.

    Occasionally dances off beat; has some difficulty with awareness.

    Demonstrates clear awareness of music and phrasing with few mistakes.

    Demonstrates complete awareness.



    TOTAL SCORE: ___________



Last Modified on September 4, 2020