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  • Career & Innovation Academy of Orange STUDENTS are SUPER

    123 Cleveland St
    Orange, NJ 07050
    973-677-4000 ext.1701
    You Create The Dream…We Help You Build It.
    Principal - Dr. Erica L. Stewart
    District Anti-Bullying Specialist
    Frank Tafur, Supervisor of Guidance 
    973-677-4000 EXT 5006 
    School Anti-Bullying Specialist
    Donald Nicholson, MSW, LSW 
    School Social Worker
    973-677-4000 EXT 1704 

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    Orange School District 

    2018 Summer Institute Offerings

    2018 Summer Institutes

    CIAO Student Handbook

    CIAO Student Handbook


    Do Your Students [Children] Hate School? That may not be a bad thing. This Video May Surprise You.
    Does the way we GRADE impact our GRADUATION RATE? 

    Back Together Again
    This new school year offers many opportunities to discover a new you.  There are somethings however, that have not changed. One such thing is the uniform dress code.  All students are expected to wear collared shirts daily, without exception.  Acceptable colors are Black, White, Gray, and Orange. Slacks/Skirts must be black or khaki with the appropriate fit.  Any apparel that draws attention to the 3Bs [Belly, Bust, or Bottom] will generate a policy violation.  Policy violations may have an adverse impact on student privileges. In order to avoid any undue infractions, students are expected to launder their uniforms and wear them daily with the exception of district/school approved denim day fundraisers and off-site field trips. 
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    Genesis Parent/Student Portal


    Please take time out to gain access to your child's grades and attendance by joining the OSD Genesis Parent Portal.

    Parent Portal Application
    At Career and Innovation Academy of Orange, we support access by parents/guardians, teachers, students and administrators to informational resources that will improve participation in your child’s education and improve communication between students, parents/guardians and the your child’s teachers.