Oakwood Avenue Community School

135 Oakwood Avenue, Orange, NJ 07050

Welcome to Oakwood Avenue Community School


    Dana Gaines  

    Dana Gaines, Principal, Principal
      Cynthia Jackson, Administrative Secretary
     135 Oakwood Avenue
    Orange, NJ 07050
    (973) 677-4000 x16701
    Fax:  973-674-8015
    School Hours for Students
    8:30 AM   -  Arrival/Breakfast for Students
    8:30 AM  -  3:00 PM       Full Days
    8:30 AM   - 12:30 PM      Half Days
    Student Instruction begins promptly at 8:30 am.
    BTS Night
    Back to School Night Schedule and Instructions

    - Teachers will hold two identical sessions.  Parents need only attend one session. Sessions are at 6:15 and 7:15. TEACHERS WILL NOT START SESSIONS UNTIL 6:15 or 7:15.

    - If you have children in different classes and grades you can go to both the 6:15 session and the 7:15 session under different teachers.

    - You’ll have the opportunity to visit with our specials-area teachers, related service teachers in their classrooms at any time.

    - Mr. Gonzalez will be in the gym for the entire time to sign parents up for parent portal and the Acceptable Use Policy

    - Specialists will be in their classroom for the two hours and can receive parents at any time.

    - Back to School Night is not a time for teachers to have a discussion about individual students.


    Schedule for BTSN

    6:00-6:15-Mr. Gaines intro and dismissal to teacher rooms

    6:20-6:50- Teacher presentations and form completion time

    6:50-7:00- Clear out rooms. Parents can leave the building, talk to specialists,

    or go back to the gym for the start of the second session

    7:00-7:15- Mr. Gaines intro and dismissal to teacher rooms

    7:15-7:50- Teacher presentations and form completion time

    7:50-8:00- clear out building


    oct cal
    Bts night
    8-19-22 Welcome Back to School Letter from Mr. Gaines, Principal


    Access to the Genesis Parent Portal is Mandatory

    Click here to Log In to the Parent Portal

    Click here for the Parent Portal User Manual

    Don't have access to the Parent Portal?

    Send Mr. Gonzalez an email:  gonzalbe@orange.k12.nj.us
    Provide your name and your child/children's name(s).  Your email will be used as
    your Parent Portal username, so let me know which email you want me to use.