Welcome to Mrs. Lundy's

    Grades 6 & 7

    Dear Parents and Students,

    I am excited about beginning this new school year with you! Education is not a destination, it is a journey! I am always available  to answer any questions that you may have. You can contact me through class dojo  or through the email address:  lundyson@orange.k12.nj.us



    Email: Lundyson@orange.k12.nj.us

    School Phone: 973-677-4095



    ELA/Homeroom Supply List
    4 Subject notebook for ELA
    2 packs of copypaper
    2 packs of loose leaf paper
    blue/black pens
    Highlighter marker
    Pencil case
    2 containers of clorox wipes
    2 boxes of tissues



     7th grade ELA Class Time (Schedule)
    Class Time, Monday-Friday-1:50-3:20

    Grade 7-Assignments are posted in Google Classroom

    Class Code:  All students are connected

    Class meeting time-11:45-1:00 ELA-In case of a pandemic emergency, we will meet in Google Meet.

    Module 1: Game On!

    Module 2: Change Agents

    Module 3: Take Control

    Module 4The Terror and Wonder of Space





    Grade 6 ELA

    6th grade ELA Class Time (Schedule) Class Time-Monday-Friday-11:30-12:50-In case of a pandemic emergency, we will meet in Google Meet.


    Assignments are posted: in google classroom

    Grade 6-  Class code: all students are connected


    Module 1: Surviving The World Around Us

    Module 2:Finding Courage in the Face of Adversity 

    Module 3:Through the Eyes of Animals

    Module 4The Stories We Tell





    Should you need to contact me to clarify any assignments, please use Class Dojo or my email address which is: lundyson@orange.k12.nj.us



    Assignments: In addition to daily assignments given in Google Classroom, All children should also work on Reading Plus or independently read daily for at least 30 minutes a day.


    All additional assignments will be communicated with you through Class Dojo and Google Classroom.

    Student responsibilities in completing the assignments include:

      • Identifying a comfortable and quiet space to study/learn
      • Dedicating appropriate time to learning, as guided by your teachers
      • Routinely checking appropriate Google Classrooms and emails for information on courses,

        assignments, and resources, on a daily basis
      • Submitting all assignments in accordance with provided timelines and/or due dates


    Student Assignment Links

    There is homework everyday.It is expected that all students spend 30 minutes daily on reading plus. 

     Students are given reinforcement assignments to ensure their understanding of daily learning. It is started in class, so that I can guide them and help them. If not completed in class, it becomes additional homework.





    Google Classroom Grade 7




    Google Classroom Grade 6