• Our 2021-2022 OACS SLT Team



    School Leadership Team…

    Takes a balcony view of the school
    Assists the principal in making decisions to govern the school (shared decision making)
    Ensures a focus on learning and continuous improvement
    Guides the work of the collaborative teams
    Supports and monitors the work of the collaborative teams
    Serves as the steward of the school’s mission, vision, core values (commitments)
    Monitors achievement, climate and satisfaction data to assure that the learning environment is producing results consistent with the school’s stated goals
    Identifies gaps in performance or processes and plans for their improvement
    Aligns school’s work with the district and classroom Collaborative Team Leaders…
    Organize and facilitate all team meetings
    Must “communicate” with all team members and other teams
    Hold each team member responsible for the core tasks of the team
    Delegate the core tasks for equal distribution among team members
    Share in the workload of the team
    Extend support and encouragement to new members of the course/team – guide new team members to gradually increase participation in the team
    See that time frame deadlines are met by all members of the team
    Exhibit patience and a sense of humor
    Make a conscious effort of appreciation