• Innovation

  • Office of Innovation

  • Executive Director, Faith Alcantara, alcantfa@orange.k12.nj.us

    Confidential Secretary, Tiffany Jervis, jervisti@orange.k12.nj.us


    Career and Technical Education

    Community Engagement

    Educational Technology

    Physical Education/Health

    Titles and Grants

  • Mission

    The Office of Innovation and Community Engagement will create innovative programs aligned to and in support of existing PreK - 12 programming while expanding districtwide funding sources through title, grant and subgrant opportunities.  Working in collaboration with and in support of all district schools and departments, The Office of Innovation and Community Engagement, is committed to the development of practices and solutions that support student needs through innovative thought, program development and a continual focus on emerging trends.  

  • Vision

    The Office of Innovation and Community Engagement serves as a conduit to unite innovative practices, community engagement, titles/grants, career and technical education, and technology to achieve greater synergies between these entities in all academic and programmatic settings within our school district, PreK - 12.

  • Core Values

    The core values that will guide our work are:


    Engagement & Collaboration


    Access & Equity