COMMITTEES                                                        SCHOOL BOARD MEMBERS
    Ex Officio Member of All Committees
    President Tyrone Tarver
    Policy Chairperson: Brenda Daughtry
      Member: Sueann Gravesande
      Member: Guadalupe Cabido
    Curriculum & Instruction Chairperson: Guadalupe Cabido
      Member: Derrick Henry
    Finance & Budget Chairperson; Siaka Sherif
      Member:          Sueann Gravesande     
      Member: Shawneque Johnson
    Legislative Chairperson:    Cristina Mateo
      Member: Brenda Daughtry
      Alternate: Jeffery Wingfield 
    Human Resources Chairperson: Jeffrey Wingfield
      Member: Siaka Sherif
      Member: Shawneque Johnson
    Facilities & Security                                    Chairperson: Tyrone Tarver
      Member: Sueann Gravesande/Derrick Henry/Jeffrey Wingfield
    Public Relations Chairperson: Derrick Henry
      Member: Cristina Mateo
      Member: Guadalupe Cabido
    Orange Municipal Alliance for the Prevention & Education of Drug/Alcohol Abuse     
    Representative:  Cristina Mateo/Shawneque Johnson
    District Evaluation Advisory Committee (DEAC) Member: Cristina Mateo
      Member: Derrick Henry/Sueann Gravesande  
    Middle States Committee Member: Guadalupe Cabido
      Member:   Sueann Gravesande  
      Alternate:   Shawneque Johnson