Facility Use Management

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    Orange Public Schools is pleased to announce a new online facility request and rental system designed to provide a positive user experience for all. With the new system, provided by Facilitron, reservation requests can be submitted easily and will be handled more efficiently. Renters will be able to access photos and descriptions, see real-time availability, get estimated quotes and pay online.

    Orange Public Schools understands that schools are a major part of the community and encourages the development of a sense of ownership by the community. The primary purpose of our schools is to offer a full educational program for our children. Prudent use and management of school facilities outside of the regular operating schedules, provided that such use does not interfere with the orderly conduct of a thorough and efficient system of education, allows the community to benefit more broadly from the use of its schools. The District understands the value of the schools as being central to the neighborhoods in which they are located. We also understand that the District is responsible for the long-term preservation of the schools, so that associated fees are intended to assist in that endeavor.

    Community Spaces for All Your Activities

    Applications for facility use must be received fourteen (14) business days before the start of the activity with appropriate proof of insurance along with a hold harmless statement as a prerequisite to being considered. The Board reserves the right to deny permits if they are not consistent with the above-mentioned goals and/or prohibit, rescind, modify, change or waive fees for the approved use of the facilities.