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      Dr. Cayce J. Cummins

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     Read Aloud Day

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    Highlights of 
    Cleveland's Winter Concert
    December 15, 2017


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    Hour of Code

    The Hour of Code is a global movement reaching tens of millions of students in 180+ countries.  Cleveland is joining in on this exciting event to learn basic computer science and have fun learning code while playing Minecraft, Star Wars and Moana!  You can read more about the event at   

    Teachers and students, please use the following link to log into your class: 

    Cleveland's Hour of Code Classes  


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     Research Project for Digital Learning

    The Speak Up Project for Digital Learning, facilitated by Project Tomorrow®, gives education stakeholders the opportunity to share their viewpoints about key educational issues, particularly concerning digital learning and the use of technology to support future ready schools. By participating today, you are ensuring your voice is heard not only by your school and district but at the state and national level as findings are summarized and shared with national and state policymakers every year. Speak Up is both a national research project and a free service to all schools and districts. Participating schools and districts can access their local data online, free-of-charge in February 2018. To learn more, visit the About Speak Up page. Get started now!

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    padres de Familia en espanol

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    all 2017 Survey


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    Orange Public Schools Required Dress

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    Coming Soon!

    New Cleveland

    Cleveland Street School's Renovation and Addition are on the way! Last month, the demolition of three houses to the left of the school was completed to make room for the new addition. This project is long overdue and desperately needed.  There will be major changes, and all of them   (continue)

    Photo Gallery

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    welcome back

    Welcome Back Cleveland Family to the 
    new 2017 - 2018 School Year!

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    7th Grade Graduation
    June 23, 2017


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    Kdg Moving Up Ceremony
    June 22, 2017


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    Multicultural Celebration
    Door Decorating June 2017 


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    certified school


    We are pleased to announce that Cleveland Street School has fulfilled the criteria to be designated "Certified School Digital Citizenship" for the 2017 - 2018 school year.  A Common Sense Certified School is dedicated to teaching young people how to be safe, respectful, and responsible Online.  This involves providing life-long skills to be safe and responsible on the Internet.  Congratulations to the following Cleveland teachers who are Certified Educators of Digital Citizenship: Charmaine Fraser, Stephanie Gagliano-Sabol, Leah Baguidy,  Lynda Jackson, Jaime McConnell, Toshia Copeland, Tiesha Smith, Takiyah Jackson, Marc Levenson, Joe Nathan,  and Miriam Martin. We commend them for their services to our students.


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    Geography Bee 
    2017 District Winners

    geography Bee

    The National Geography Bee is an annual geography contest sponsored by the National Geographic Society. The bee, held every year since 1989, is open to students in the fourth through eighth grades in participating schools from the United States.  This year the Orange school district winners were Moise Voltaire and Jerry Alexandre, pictured here with their 6th grade Social Studies teacher, Marc Levenson.  Kudos, Gentlemen!  We are very proud of you. 

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    Suicide Prevention
    Netflix Series - "13 Reasons Why" 

    Suicide Prevention   





    Dear Parents and Guardians of Orange Students:  
    A new Netflix series, "13 Reasons Why," debuted on  March 31, 2017.  It has been trending both nationally and in our school community.  The show is comprised of 13 episodes depicting strong and graphic themes of suicide, bullying, . . .

    Please click below for more information and resources.



    On Thursday, May 4, 2017, Math teachers at Cleveland joined a virtual field trip to the NBA Headquarters to learn how integral math is to the sport and profession.   The trip was hosted by Discovery Education.  Teachers were able to join in anytime during the day and as many times (continue)


    Cleveland's Spanish Google Hangout


    Spanish Google Hangout  
    On Tuesday, May 2, 2017, Mrs. Bella Gomez and her 4th grade World Language students met students from the Handcross Park School in London, England for a conversation in Spanish.  The global connection (continue)


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    Staff Paint Party



    On Monday, May 1, 2017, Cleveland's teachers were treated to an endearing afterschool social gathering hosted by Mrs. Monica Chavarria, Cleveland's Art teacher.  Mrs. Chavarria extended an invitation to her colleagues to join her for a fun and relaxing afternoon to indulge (continue)

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     student surveys

    2017 Climate Surveys 



     Cleveland Grades 3 - 5
     Cleveland Grades 6 - 7
     Cleveland Staff Survey


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     Artist Bisa Butler


    Art teacher Monica Chavarria engaged her 6th grade class in completing a door dedicated to local fiber artist Bisa Butler.  Mrs. Butler, who currently (continue)

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    spelling bee  

    Cleveland's Spelling Bee
    Friday, March 3, 2017
    9:00 am - Grades 4 - 7
    1:00 pm - Grades 1 - 3

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    Black History Month 2017
    Door Decorating Contest



    Black History Month is a time to honor the past and be inspired by the accomplishments of African Americans.  The students and teachers at Cleveland shared their learning by decorating the doors and halls with the images and facts of notable African Americans.  To view the Doors of Honor,  you may have to log in with your Orange Google Account.  Be Inspired!

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    Cleveland's Got Soul and Spirit

    Cleveland's Got Soul

    Throughout the school year, the School Management Team raises spirits and funds with various school-wide events that students and staff participant in with  their heart and soul.  We've captured many of those events here in our school's photo gallery.
    parent survey  

    We value your opinion and ask that you take the time to complete the SPRING PARENT SURVEY.  Thank you!

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    Video Highlights of

    Cleveland's Fall Tennis Program

    Tennis at Cleveland