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    FIRST Lego Robotics & FRC Robotics Programming Summer Camp
    The Robotics Summer Camp is a 4-week experience offered to students in Grades 4-12. Each summer, 50 students are selected to participate in the summer camp. The FIRST Lego Robotics Camp introduces student in Grades 4-8 to real-world engineering challenges. Students in this program have the opportunity to (1) design, build, test and program robots using LEGO EV3® technology, (2) apply real-world math and science concepts, (3) research challenges facing today’s scientists, (4) learn critical thinking, team-building and presentation skills and (5) participate in tournaments. Students who participate in the FRC Robotics Programing Camp Grades 9-12, are taught engineering basics along with engineering design techniques through the construction of working FRC robots. Visit https://db.tt/rS5YxHEw for a peek inside the program. Application for the FLL & FRC Summer Camp will be posted online in February 2017.
    Young Science Explorers Summer Camp
    In 2015-2016, the district launched a summer program for rising  6-7 graders who were interested in engaging in hands-on  Science and  STEM  learning.  In partnership with Woodrow Wilson Teaching Fellowship Program at Montclair State University, the program served the purpose of training the Young Explorers in the use of engineering design process to solve real environmental problems in the Orange community.  Application for Young Explorer summer camp will be posted online in February 2017.
    NJIT Early College-Prep STEM Summer Camp
    The Orange Public Schools and NJIT’s Center for Pre-College Programs have joined forces to provide opportunities for  Orange Public School students in  Grades 4-12, who are interested in the fields of science,  technology,  engineering, and mathematics. This 5-week intensive summer initiative engages students in classroom discussions and lectures, laboratory experiments, demonstrations in advanced topics in mathematics, geometry, trigonometry, environmental science, physics, engineering, computer programming and application, and language arts. Application information: TBA

    The district, through its partnering foundation, provides this opportunity annually for up to 50 qualifying students. Program topics include:

    • Women in Engineering & Technology (FEMME)
    • Introduction to Chemical Industry in Engineering (IChIME)
    • Explore Careers in Technology and Engineering (ExCITE)
    • Chemical Engineering (CHEM-ENG)
    • Fundamentals of Physical Sciences (FPS)
    • Fundamentals of Physical Sciences (FPS) – UNITE
    • Environmental Science and Engineering (ESEP) 
    • Pre-Engineering Program (PrEP)
    • Aeronautical Engineering Program (AEP)

    NJIT ExxonMobil Bernard Harris Summer Science Camp
    The district encourages Orange Public Schools’ students to participate in ExxonMobil Bernard Harris Summer Science Camp (EMBHSSC). The EMBHSSC is a two-week, academic, residential camp that emphasizes increasing students’ mathematics and science knowledge and skills while introducing them to college life and stimulating their interest in science and engineering as a potential career path. The camp is organized to provide activities, experiments, projects, and field experiences for middle school students. The camp is held on the campus of New Jersey Institute of Technology (NJIT), Newark, NJ. Application information: TBA
    Real World Connections (RWC)
    The Real World Connections (RWC) program started at New Jersey Institute of Technology in 2005 with a small group of students interested in learning by doing and in educational experiences that offer real world challenges. The idea was to take a project-based learning experience at the senior college level and make it available to high school students after refinements and various configurations. The program evolved over the years to include more instructional design elements, which created an entirely new model for teaching and learning with a high degree of sustainability in terms of student recruitment, retention, and resources for more than nine consecutive years. The program aims at offering the next generation of authentic project-based learning environments for college and high school students alike. For the past years, we’ve offered the program during the Winter, Spring, and Summer; engaging hundreds of our high school students in real-world projects sponsored by industry partners or initiated by college or high school student entrepreneurs. Application for the RWC program will be posted in early January 2017.
    NJIT's RWC Cyber Security Summer Camp
    In Summer 2016, NJIT’s Computer Science department/ RWC Program offered its first Cybersecurity Real World Connections Summer Camp at NJIT (Cyber-RWC).  The camp provided more than 40 middle & high school students across New Jersey access to an intensive multidisciplinary Cybersecurity learning experience with multi-level/ hands-on training workshops and four exciting real world project tracks.
    Program topics include:
    • Web Development and Security
    • Game Development for Cybersecurity Simulation
    • CSI: Solving Cyber Crimes with STEM
    The Office of Mathematics and Science continues to offer annual recognition of students in grades 3-High School who excel in mathematics by providing opportunities for students to exhibit their proficiency of mathematics content in a competitive format. In the 2015-2016 school year, we conducted 3 district-wide events: 
    • FIRST in Math Game 24 Competition
    • Middle School Math Olympics 
    • Math Counts Competition