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    Eliminate distractions, connect with students, and save time with K-12’s leading classroom management software. Deliver instruction, keep students on-task, and stay connected to students wherever they learn.

    Gain real-time views into student activity

    With devices in the classroom, you can’t always see what students are doing behind their screens. GoGuardian Teacher allows you to know what students are doing on their devices and whether they are off-task or need help.

    Get students on the same page, literally

    Time in class is limited, and getting your students on the same website can take up valuable instructional time. Start your class session with a set of pre-populated tabs to get your whole class on the same page quickly and provide immediate access to the resources they’ll need for the lesson.

    Identify and correct off-task behavior

    Online distractions are a frustrating part of incorporating technology in the classroom. By using automatic alerts and powerful commands, you can quickly and easily get students back on-task.

    Communicate with easy-to-use digital tools

    With a classroom full of students working behind screens, you may find it challenging to make the strong human connections necessary for creating breakthrough teaching moments. With Chat, you can send messages to struggling students to offer guidance or answer questions.



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