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    Did you know that your School is a Community School?


    • A Community School is a partnership between school staff, families, youth, and the community to raise student achievement by ensuring that children are physically, emotionally, and socially prepared to learn.


    • A Community School serves as a center of the neighborhood by providing access to critical programs and services like health care, mentoring, expanded learning programs, adult education, and other services that support the whole child, engage families, and strengthen the entire community.



    What are some of the benefits of being a Community School?


    -Engage parents and families in a way that is meaningful, innovative, and informational.  

    -Family Field Trips.

    -Monthly Parent-Teacher, Orginization Meetings.

    -Monthly Parent Events and Workshops.


    -Students in the First Grade now have a “Reading Buddy.”

    -21st Century After School School Program.

    -Academic Intervention.

    -Mentorships (Boys and Girls Group).

    Meet your Community School Coordinator!




    Ericka D. Stevenson, M.A., is graduate of Montclair State University who has made the decision to channel her passion of service to others and the uplifting of communities via: education, advocacy, and community outreach. Ericka Stevenson is no stranger to Oakwood Avenue Community School, as she joined the OACS team in 2013, as an AmeriCorps Member. During her time at Oakwood, Ms. Stevenson has established has established invaluable relationships with the students, families, staff, and members of the Greater Orange Community. A maverick in her effective style of leadership and communication skills, Ericka ensures that all of the needs of the students, families, and staff are calibrated and met. While she is proudly rooted out of Oakwood Avenue Community School, she can be found frequently supporting her contemporaries events, programs and student’s performances throughout the Orange Public Schools District in a multitude of capacities. One to never hesitate to help, Ericka makes sure to provide her services whenever and wherever they are needed.

    Steadfast in her approach and sense of duty Ericka continues to push the Orange Community School Initiative forward. As a beacon of positivity, care and compassion, Ericka makes certain to encapsulate this spirit to her students and families.


     In case of an emergency school closing, my office hours are as follows: 

    Monday-Friday, from 9:00am-11:00am and 12:00pm-2:00pm. 

    I can also be reached via cell phone at 862-800-7114


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    Interested in becoming engaged?
    Questions about Community School programming?
     Contact Ericka Stevenson at:
    or reach us at 973-677- 4000 ext. 3620