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    “A nation that does not stand up for its children

    does not stand for anything

     and will not stand strong in the 21st Century”

     Marion Wright Edelman


    The students of Orange Public Schools deserve and require a world class education that prepares them for the challenges of the 21st century as well as enables them to enter confidently into global competition. It is the role of the district to provide a rigorous curriculum and school experiences that not only meet the CCSS and NJCCCS but surpasses them. It is also the role of the district to provide a relevant curriculum and school experiences that will allow students to demonstrate applications and essential knowledge of real world experiences. Finally, it is the role of the district to provide curriculum and school experiences that prepares them for relationships that will allow them to interact competently and ensure that they have the ability to compete in the ever shrinking global society. It takes the whole village to pledge to and agree to this lofty commitment.


    Orange Public Schools Mission Statement

    The Orange Public Schools will provide a safe and caring environment where each student will grow and succeed. In collaboration with parents and the community, we are responsible for promoting the academic, social, emotional and personal success of all students. With a commitment to strong policies and procedures, the district gives teachers, parents, and administrators the tools needed for all students to reach their full potential. We will serve all students in our schools, acknowledging their unique backgrounds and cultural perspectives. We will provide learning experiences for our students in ways that address their unique learning styles. We expect all students to actively participate in the learning process. All students will achieve high standards of excellence, with a focus on academics. Curiosity, discipline, integrity, responsibility and respect are necessary for success. We seek to discover these qualities in all. We pledge to include all community stakeholders in partnering with us as we prepare each and every student for a lifetime of learning, productive work and responsible citizenship in a competitive global community.


    Orange Public Schools Belief Statements

    We believe that …

    • All children can learn.
    • High, clear and consistent expectations will yield high results.
    • Excellence is required and attainable.
    • Students require a safe environment, both physically and emotionally.
    • Family and community involvement, advocacy and support are essential.
    • Relationships are the foundation of a positive culture.


    The Home School Compact

     The parents will …

    • Show interest in academic work by signing tests, assignments and report cards.
    • Check homework for completion and accuracy and sign off.
    • Ensure students make up any missing work.
    • Ensure attendance and punctuality.
    • Ensure your child is adhering to school and district rules.
    • Balance praise and reward to support student effort.
    • Ensure your child reads every day according to district guidelines.

    The students will …

    • Come to school with a positive attitude and develop self respect and discipline.
    • Come prepared and ready for daily work and complete all class and homework assignments.
    • Accept responsibility for learning, effort, and behavior.
    • Ask teachers, parents, and peers for help when needed.
    • Make sure that you read every day at least 20 (grades K-4) and 60 minutes (grades 5-12).

    The school will …

    • Provide quality curriculum and instruction in a supportive and effective learning environment to enable all children to meet the standards.
    • Develop opportunities for each student to meet their maximum potential.
    • Provide appropriate materials and resources for students to meet 21st Century goals.
    • Inform students and parents frequently of program and progress.
    • Provide a safe and secure learning environment.
    • Maintain highly qualified teachers.
    • Maintain good public relations with parents and community.

        Everyone will…

    • Be equal partners to achieve successful learning.
    • Communicate clearly, regularly and respectfully regarding roles and responsibilities


Last Modified on June 19, 2018