Mrs Guerriero



Degrees and Certifications:

Mrs Guerriero

Ceramics and Fiber Arts

Room 105

Mrs Guerriero has been making and creating art for several years. She studied at Mount Ida College in Newton MA and Recived her BA in Design (cuma sum laude) she then went into NYC and worked with Sean jon, Billiabong, A Kurtz and Maggie London creating and designin in the fashion Industry. She wanted to work with high school students on their art so she went back to school and recived her MA in Art Education focused in ceramics from Kean University (cuma sum laude). Member of the NAEA and AENJ Mrs. Guerriero has given sevral workshop in an out of the district about Art/ Fashion/ Marketing and art education. Curently you can find Mrs Guerriero throwing a pot in her studio or knitting in class with her students!

All classes follow the same grading rationale of: 
Tests & Projects 40%
Authentic Assessment 30%
Classwork 15%
Homework 15% 
School Day
1st  Block A Fiber Art and B Fiber
2nd Block A Fiber Art B Ceramic
3rd  Block Prep
4th  Block A Ceramic B Ceramic


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