The start of this year will be very different from other school years in many ways. At this time, we are waiting for all your art supplies to arrive. I am not sure of the exact arrival of the supplies, but I hope it will be soon. In the meantime, you will need some basic items from the Dollar Tree, Dollar General, or Family Dollar. They all have a craft section and will have these items available. This will help you with the hands-on projects we are doing this school year until you have your own materials.

    Below there is a link to a Video of an Artist buying supplies at Dollar Tree

    Must Have supplies

    • Glue Stick
    • White Glue Elmer’s
    • Crayons
    • Markers
    • Watercolor set 6-10 colors get one with a brush
    • Plain white paper 8x10 or plain whitepaper notebook
    • Cheap acrylic paint blue, red, yellow (black and white) 
    • scissors 
    • Black sharpie thin if you can get a thick too
    • Paint brush (thin) size 2 or 3
    • A notebook (single subject) or your computer to take notes

    Things you might have at home already that we will use

    • Pencil
    • Eraser
    • Sharpener
    • Tin foil
    • Coffee filters
    • Q-tips
    • Old toothbrush 
    • Tape-clear 
    • Duck-tape
    • Bubbles if you have a younger sib/or soap and water
    • Straw
    • Old shower caddy to hold your supplies
    • Paper plate
    • Zip-lock bags (small)
    • Paper cup for water

    Start looking around for these things ASAP

    • Bubble wrap, toilet paper rolls, paper towel rolls
    • White paper
    • News paper
    • Magazine
    • Shoe box
    • Pizza box
    • Any box
    • Old white shirt
    • Old pair of shoes
    • Tissue paper

    Mrs. Guerriero Wish list 

    If you have the funds or a holiday or birthday somethings to ask for if you want to create more 3-d work

    Walmart amazon dollar stores have these as well!

    • Yarn (any color)
    • Crochet hook (size H or F)
    • Oversized cheap hoop earrings
    • Multi pack of 3 or more colors embroidery floss
    • Embroidery floss needle large size 6,7,8 or a large hand sewing needle 
    • Colored felt package
    • Scrap booking materials
    • Construction paper (multicolor)

    Find a space in your home that you can use to make art. You will need a flat surface, a table or desk works best but be sure, if you are working with paint, to cover your space with newspaper, so you won't damage your table.

    Can't wait to have a wonderful year of art with you!!


Last Modified on June 17, 2021