• WELCOME TO THE 2021-2022 School Year! 

    Hispanic Outlook 


    Below are the Google Classroom Codes  

    First Year Seminar, Period 1 (101): gt4oylh

    First Year Seminar Period 2 (101): f4h5v74

    Second Year Seminar Period 5A (201): eychck3

    Second Year SeminarPeriod 6A (201): 5dihpm4

    Here are the Remind codes for each class:
    First Year Seminar Period 1: brdp1
    First Year SeminarPeriod 3: brdp2
    Second Year Seminar Period 5A: brdp5a
    Second year Seminar Period 6A: brdp6a
    Dr. Schneider's email address is: schneiro@orange.k12.nj.us