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    Mr. Victorero

    Teacher of Mathematics

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     Email: victoelu@orange.k12.nj.us



     For the year 2020/2021, I will be teaching period 1/2 Algebra I, period 3/4 Algebra I and period 5B/6B Algebra I. I will be sharing in my homepage the google classroom and Remid communication codes, the supplies and syllabus that will be needed for the students in order to have a great and successful school year.


    Live classes description

    The class will be held virtually via ZOOM. The zoom meeting link will be posted in the google classroom and it will be a continuous meeting. The meeting will be recorded and it will emulate a regular school day where I will use a whiteboard, I will also provide lecture slides, problem solving techniques, I will also use group work and breakout rooms for activities. I want all the students to feel comfortable asking questions, using the audio for any suggestions in class just like a regular on site class. The goal this half year while we are most of the time in virtual mode is for the students to learn as much as they can.




    The following is the A/B schedule for students. There are synchronous office hours that will be posted right after the link.

     A/B Day Schedule: Schedule


    *Importat - Office hours


    The synchronous office hours will be every day from 1 pm until 2:30 pm. These office hours are very important for questions, for students who need extra help, tutoring and more time with me to go over the lesson. I will always be available via email, remind and google classroom, but take advantage of this office hours. These will be held via Zoom and the link will be shared via each Google classroom.