• badruddin

    Mrs. Nazi Badruddin MS in Nutrition,

    St. Elizabeth University, Morristown NJ


    I am excited to welcome you all to the Culinary Arts program here at Orange High School, where I have taught since 2006. In addition to my experience as an educator, I have worked as a registered dietitian for several years. My years as a dietitian reinforced the idea that healthy eating should be taught early, so people can grow into being healthy young adults; a concept that is the core of my pedagogy. Upon my completion of a program at St. Peter’s University, I made the transition to education.

    My first job as a teacher was in Irvington Public Schools, where I worked there from 2001-2006. In June 2006, I started at Orange High School, as the instructor for all courses offered in the culinary track. Throughout this time, I have availed every opportunity I could to assist/cheer my students by also serving as a class advisor. This experience has allowed me to foster positive relationships with students outside of the classroom and create lines of open communication. I aim to treat each student as if they were my own.

    In 2011, I started a culinary club, Tornadoes on the Go, which provided my students an opportunity to prepare food for school events and sell lunches to staff on early dismissal days. The Tornadoes on the Go program allowed our culinary arts students to showcase their skills, while also exposing students to the business aspect of the culinary profession.

    As an educator, I understand the importance of professional development and continue to improve my skills; for this reason, I have attended Culinary Workshops at Johnson & Wales University to become a certified culinary essentials instructor. I also have a ServSafe Food Protection Managers certificate offered by the National Restaurant Association, a certificate that students enrolled in our Food Service Preparation course now have the opportunity to earn.

    My students have participated in SkillsUSA competitions for the last 3 years and last year our team won the Gold Medal at the state level in a MRE Challenge competition. I believe in facilitating different opportunities that will allow our students to experience and open their minds.

    I look forward to helping our current OHS students achieve their culinary goals.

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Last Modified on September 10, 2023