• Culinary Arts Syllabus

    Instructor: Mrs. Nazi Badruddin                                                     

    Email: badrudna@orange.k12.nj.us                                              

    Phone #: (973)677-4050                                               

    Parents are encouraged to contact me regarding any questions or concerns regarding your child in my class. You can reach me at my email address or you can leave a message at 973-677-4050. I will do my best to return emails and/or phone calls within 48 hours.

    Course Description:

         The courses Diet & Nutrition, Basic Foods and Foodservice Prep are prerequisite for this course. Culinary Arts is a full year course. The course is designed for students who are interested in pursuing culinary profession. The course focuses on basic culinary skills. The students in this class can get paid by participating in catering events.

     Course Objectives:

    • Students will demonstrate food and kitchen safety and sanitation during food preparation.
    • Students will demonstrate understanding of cooking techniques and its effect on food.
    • Students will be able to prepare variety of sauces, entrée’s and basic baked products.

     Monthly Outline:


    • Providing Safe Food
    • Cooking Techniques: Moist & dry cooking techniques


    • Cooking techniques: Moist and dry cooking techniqes
    • Seasoning and flavorings: enhancing foods with herbs and spices


    • Breakfast cookery: preparation of breakfast foods
    • Holiday Cooking


    • Garde Manger Basics: preparation of salads, salad dressings, cold platters
    • Sandwiches and appetizers preparation
    • Stocks, sauces, and soups preparation


    • Fish and shellfish preparation
    • Poultry preparation


    • Meat cookery
    • Pasta and grains


    • Fruits, vegetables and legumes cookery
    • Baking Techniques
    • Yeast bread dough and production


    • Quick breads preparation
    • Specialty desserts preparation

    May & June

    • Meal preparation and dining service

     Required supplies:

    1. Lined paper
    2. Writing utensils

    Textbook:   Johnson & Wales University, ‘Culinary Essentials’ by My Glencoe & McGraw Hill publishers.



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    Textbook Culinary Essentials




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