• Welcome to Ms. Wells’ Class!


    Hi! My name is Ms. Wells and I will be your History teacher this year!


    This year, I teach US History I. I am also in some Global Studies and US History II classes.


    The best way to reach me is by email: wellsemi@orange.k12.nj.us



    All students must  join Google Classroom and Remind.


    You can also find this information on my page under “Codes & Logins”


    Google Classroom Codes


    Period 2 w/ Mr. McCormick: JQQIZAL


    Period 3 w/ Mr. Lemke: 277NO2I


    Period 7: PVYSKNT


    Period 9: YM2VJDY


    Please see Google Classroom for all assignments.

    All assignments MUST be completed on time.

    All students MUST arrive for class on time.

    All assignments will follow the same scoring guidelines as seen on my syllabus.

    All students are expected to arrive at our classroom on time, answer the Do Now question, engage in class discussion/answer questions, and complete all homework assignments on time.