Orange High School’s Culinary Arts Program is excited to launch the Healthy Living in Orange Outreach Program. In an effort to adapt and take a proactive approach during these challenging times, Mr. Torres saw the need to develop a program that will address the health concerns, as well as the mental, financial, and nutritional well-being of our students and the Orange Community.     

    This initiative will provide our stakeholders with monthly workshops featuring an array of guest speakers from the health, culinary, and nutrition fields. The goal is to provide our students, staff, and community with the tools and information needed to live a healthy lifestyle.

    I would like to thank Ms. Ross, Mr. Belton, and the administrative staff at Orange High School for their help and support throughout this journey. Ms. Ross has given great support to the Healthy Living Program. She has helped to get a grant for our first event in September, help set up events, and helped to find local businesses in the community that is willing to give their time to do our events. Mr. Belton and his team have given their time and effort in the making of our videos and promoting the outreach program. This outreach program would not be where it is without them.

    Thank you,

    Chef Torres


    Visit our website at https://healthylivinginorange.com/


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