• Ms. Brown’s Capstone and Career Rubric


    D- Novice

    C- Intermediate

    B- Proficient

    A-  Mastered




    The dance or routine is not connected.

    Some areas of the dance or routine work better than others.

    The dance or routine works together to communicate an idea most of the time.

    The dance or routine works together to clearly communicate the idea or theme. 



    Eyes and face are not involved with the dance, audience or dancers.

    Eyes and face are used some of the time to convey expressions to audience. 

    Eyes and face are used to communicate an idea or expression to audience most of the time.

    Eyes and face are used appropriately to communicate an idea or expression to the audience.



    Dancer uses little effort in the movement and inconsistencies confuse the development of meaning.

    Some attempt is made at defining ideas through the movement.

    Dancer is mostly committed to the movement; a general sense of ideas or meaning is evident.

    Dancer is committed to the movement. The movements are performed with clarity confidence and convey a clear impression-theme. 



    No idea is expressed. Movement is unclear and disorganized.

    An attempt is made at communicating, but is inconsistent, leaving the audience unsure some of the time.

    The message can be seen through the movements most of the time. The audience is able to surmise the dancer’s message.  

    The message of ideas the dancer  conveys clearly and concisely through body language.  The performance is convincing and tells a story in a virtual platform or on the stage.    



    Dancer remains safe, relying upon familiar ways of moving.

    There is an effort to attempt new ways of moving, but the dancer still relies on familiar dance behaviors’.

    Dancer discovers new connections & possibilities in invented movement.  Dancer reverts to familiar movements some of the time.

    The dancer is confident and independent, developing innovative ways of moving.  The freestyle dancing skills are strong. 


Last Modified on September 5, 2020