• Here are the logins for some of the websites we'll be using this year!  


    PLTW Homepage (Engineering)


    Login & password: Through Clever.  Please see me if you need your Clever login information.


    Edulastic (Geometry Tests):


    Login & password: Through Clever. Please see me if you need your Clever login information.


    Khan Academy (Geometry & SAT Practice):


    Login: Through your school Google account

    *You can also use your own Khan Academy account, just ask me for the class code!


    Aleks (Geometry):


    Login: first initial + last name +number (example: snikolaidis123)

    Password: OHS+Student ID (example: OHS123456)

    Please see me if you need your password! 


    Geogebra IM Mathematics Cirriculum (Geometry)*


    This is the link for our online textbook!  You will need to create an account for the practice problems - I recommend using your SCHOOL google account. Please use the LESSON LINKS I will post in Google Classroom for each practice set so that I can see your answers and assign grades! 




    If you need more help remembering how to login to a website, remember you can always message me on Remind! 


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