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    If you are thinking about joining the Robotics Club or attending Summer robotics camp, please fill out our Interest Check

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    ftc summer robotics camp


    Robotics camp will run from June 27th to August 2nd, 8:30am to 12:30pm in Room 177 at OHS.  Current 7th-8th grade students at OPA, or 9th-12th grade students at OHS or STEM schools are welcome to attend the camp.   If you're interested, make sure to fill out the interest form so we have your contact information! 


    Positions we are looking to fill for next year (2024-2025) include: 

    Design Team - help us come up with a robot design to score the most points

    Build Team - use shop skills to assemble the robot

    Programming Team - help program the robot to drive on its own

    Drive Team - use an xbox controller to drive the robot at competitions

    Support Team - help design flyers, tshirts, brochures, and raise money for the robotics club


    Robotics club is a fun activity that allows students to demonstrate leadership and looks great on college applications. 2021 was our first year as an FTC (First Tech Challenge) team and we made it all the way to the NJ State Championships!  Over 80 million in scholarhip money is available to students who participate through https://www.firstinspires.org/scholarships. Join today!


    P.S. Check out this awesome video our 2021 team captain, Miguel Huayhaus, made to show off our robot!!