• Login Information for remind.com

    Posted by Samson Gandepudi on 9/4/2020 2:05:00 PM

    1. Period-1-Honors Geometry:   fg72ck9

    2. Period-2-Geometry:   f82a799    

    3. Period-3-Geometry:   kfdg6g2

    4. Period-5-Geometry:   eac3c8

    5. Period-7-Geometry:   6hkg3g4

    6. Period-8-Geometry   afd36hk

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  • Google Classroom Login Information

    Posted by Samson Gandepudi on 9/3/2020 5:00:00 PM

    Google Classroom Codes

    Geometry Period-1[Honors]  Classroom Code: bpqqscy           

    Geometry Period-2

    Classroom Code: 773u7ma   


    GeometryPeriod 3

    Classroom Code: pwwequr     


    Geometry Period-5

    Classroom Code: bjewnif      


    Geometry Period-7

    Classroom Code:beyez3fq


    Geometry Period - 8

    Classroom Code:wmsvvjd     








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  • Classrooms and Codes

    Posted by Samson Gandepudi on 9/3/2020 8:00:00 AM

    Dear Parents/Guardians and Students,

    Welcome to my Webpage for Math Geometry. 

    Orange High School will be running on a REMOTE schedule for students from September 8th to mid-November. 

    This Extended Learning Page was created to outline all expectations and provide you with information to access assignments, links, assessments and practice resources.



      * Identifying a comfortable and quiet space to study/learn

      * Logging in to Google Classroom before 8:20am each day, and attending all the Google Meets when they are scheduled

      *Being respectful during online class time, and completing the Exit Slip each day before logging off

      * Checking Google Classroom and Remind for updates on assignments, news, etc. Check every day! 

      * Notifying me (Mr. Gandepudi) using Remind if for some reason the websites or your home internet access is not working

      * Engaging in the virtual platforms with academic honesty, integrity, and according to the district’s Acceptable Use Policy

      *It is very easy with distance learning to fall behind on the assignments and very important to stay on top of your work!  Please contact me on Remind if you find you are falling behind, we will set up a schedule to help get you back on track. 



      * Monitoring OHS updates sent via phone blasts, Remind, Google Classroom, district website, etc.

      * Checking in with your child daily about the tasks, activities, and assessments that they are working on

      * Designating a place and time where your child will work independently on his/her assigned tasks

      * Asking your child to provide a brief summary of the learning he/she is engaging in for each class to ensure their understanding of the content

      *Asking your child about their deadlines and supporting them, as needed, in submitting assignments in accordance with the established deadlines

      * Reminding your child to contact me, via Remind or email, if they have any questions.



      If I update anything on this page, I will let you know via the remind app.  Make sure you are signed up for remind first!

      Note: If you are having technical difficulty accessing the assignments, please contact your schools’ Technology Coordinator Mrs. Budhu for support at BudhuBer@orange.k12.nj 
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