• Geometry 

    Course DescriptionGeometry is the third course in Mathematics for High School students. Within this course, students will have the opportunity to make conjectures about geometric situations and prove in a variety of ways, both formal and informal, that their conclusion follows logically from their hypothesis. The course includes the study of plane and three-dimensional figures. Logical thinking is explored through deductive and inductive methods. Topics include the geometry of points, lines and planes, properties of congruence and similarity, trigonometry, circles and spheres, coordinate geometry, area, and volume, and applications of probability.  This course addresses the National Common Core Standards.  This course is a 5 credit course.

    Course Objectives:

    Unit 1:  Geometric Transformations

    ·       Using inductive reasoning and conjectures

    ·       Rigid transformations

    ·       Transformations and coordinate geometry

    Unit 2:  Deductive reasoning with Angles and Lines

    ·       Deductive reasoning, logic and proof

    ·       Conditional statement and converses

    ·       Lines and Transversals

    Unit 3:  Triangles

    ·       Properties of a triangle

    ·       Special lines and points in triangles

    ·       Congruent triangle postulates

    ·       Using congruent triangles

    ·       Compass and straight-edge constructions

    Unit 4:  Similarity Transformations

    ·       Dilations and similarity

    ·       Applications of similarity

    Unit 5:  Right Triangle relationships and Trigonometry

    ·       Pythagorean Theorem and the Distance Formula

    ·       Right triangle and Trig relationships

    Unit 6: Polygons

    ·       Polygons and special quadrilaterals

    Unit 7:  Circles (Part 1)

    ·       Characteristics of a circle

    ·       Equations of a circle

    ·       Relationships between radii, chords, arcs, and angles

    Unit 8: Circles (Part 2)

    ·       Properties of chords, tangents, and secants

    ·       Application of circumference and area formulas

    ·       Arc lengths and radian measures

    Unit 9: 3D Shapes

    ·       Relating 2-D and 3-D objects

    ·       Prisms and Cylinders

    ·       Pyramids and Cones