• Geometry 

    Course DescriptionGeometry is the third course in Mathematics for High School students. On this course, students will have the opportunity to make conjectures about geometric situations and prove in a variety of ways, both formal and informal, that their conclusion follows logically from their hypothesis. The course includes the study of planes and three-dimensional figures. Logical thinking is explored through deductive and inductive methods. Topics include the geometry of points, lines and planes, properties of congruence and similarity, trigonometry, circles and spheres, coordinate geometry, area, and volume, and applications of probability.  This course addresses the National Common Core Standards.  This course is a 5 credit course.

    Course Objectives:

    UNIT 1

    Constructions and Rigid Transformations

    • Constructions
    • Rigid Transformations
    • Evidence and Proof
    • Designs

    UNIT 2


    • Congruent Triangles
    • Proofs about Quadrilaterals
    • Putting It All Together

    UNIT 3


    • Properties of Dilations
    • Similarity Transformations and Proportional Reasoning
    • Similarity in Right Triangles
    • Putting It All Together

    UNIT 4

    Right Triangle Trigonometry

    • Angles and Steepness
    • Defining Trigonometric Ratios

    UNIT 5

    Solid Geometry

    • Cross Sections, Scaling, and Area
    • Scaling Solids
    • Prism and Cylinder Volumes
    • Understanding Pyramid Volumes
    • Putting it All Together

    UNIT 6

    Coordinate Geometry

    • Transformations in the Plane
    • Distances, Circles, and Parabolas
    • Proving Geometric Theorems Algebraically
    • Putting it All Together

    UNIT 7


    • Lines, Angles, and Circles
    • Polygons and Circles
    • Measuring Circles
    • Putting It All Together

    UNIT 8

    Conditional Probability

    • Up to Chance
    • Combining Events
    • Related Events
    • Conditional Probability