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    Posted by Megan Amelia on 9/23/2019 9:00:00 AM

    Art Philosophy An education in the arts enables a person to fully realize their inherent potential. There is no other human practice that takes us more directly toward our individual need for self-realization and perfection. In the Orange School District we nurture out students' yearning to understand and participate in their environment through historical references and hands-on participation in the creation of art. We provide the support necessary for students to have the courage to envision and complete a whole project; the fortitude to seek personal answers to life-enhancing questions, and the determination to persist in the face of difficulty. We believe that the openness to inquire into every possible opportunity life has to offer can be instill through the process of creating works of art because the process strengthens the student's ability to be inventive decision-makers and risk-takers. They are expected to take an original idea, project the outcome, and reflect on the final product. Our course of study incorporates methods which have the potential to develop a wide range of skills significant to many aspects of life and work. By using basic tools, i.e., ruler, compass, protractor, T-square, computer, all materials associated with the creation of artwork, working plans, diagrams, etc.; students become familiarized with items that will prove beneficial to their future experiences. We provide varied and powerful ways of communicating ideas, thoughts, and feelings, both as individuals and as members of communities by visual messages to the viewer. We encourage an understanding of the language of symbols by introducing and applying the elements of line, color, value, space, texture, shape/form, as well as the principles of emphasis, movement, balance, unity, repetition, and contrast. We strengthen the economic base of the state's cultural endeavors. We emphasize the humanities as a key to understanding the arts as a product of complex social, cultural, and intellectual trends by providing opportunities to use the symbolism that has surfaced from many cultures, beliefs and surroundings. We enrich understanding of the human experience across cultures and histories. The accomplishments of men and women of different ethnic, racial, and cultural backgrounds backgrounds by presenting a variety of art projects, which emphasize the diversity and the similarities across cultures. We provide valuable tools to enhance learning across all disciplines, and empower people to create, reshape, and fully participate in personal and community environments to enhance the quality of life. Our main goal is to assign projects designed to stimulate critical thinking and introspection and activate the spiritual, emotional, and intellectual aspects of the human being!!

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