• Local Judge Inspires Students
    My classmates and I were very thankful the judge took the time to speak to us about legal careers that will be available to us in the future. Hearing about law and the advantages of pursuing a profession in the legal field inspired many of us. His clear and vivid descriptions enticed the audience. The way he carried himself spoke of someone who is confident and yet still humble. Even though he is a professional judge, he still gives back to the community by speaking to minorities like us.
    After verbalizing his thoughts and opinions, he opened the floor to any questions we had. It was very thoughtful on his part. We deeply appreciate his kindness and generosity. We were enriched with knowledge, and we hope to have him back again very soon.


    Students Travel to Newark to Observe Mock Trial


    On January 25, a group of students selected by Ms. Jackson were offered the opportunity to attend a mock trial. Former OHS principal Ms. Stewart joined us as well as Assistant Principal Mr. Agosto on our excursion to the Essex County Court House located in Newark, NJ. Upon arrival students were divided into two groups and participated as juries who observed and analyzed the mock trial performed by debate teams from all over New Jersey.
    The students enjoyed this event and were excited about the possibility of attending another one. Both students and chaperons were proud and satisfied with the trip. Prior to leaving, the judges gave feedback to the participating debaters, court jury, and audience.  On the bus ride back to Orange High students enjoyed pizza thanks to the courtesy of Mr. Agosto!
    We returned to OHS at 8:00pm where students were met by their parents and/or guardians. Overall the trip was great and thrilling. We were well satisfied with the outcome.


    Debate Team  
    Honor USII
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