• Role of the Transitional Coodinator

    Coordination of transitional services for students ages 14 to 21 throughout the Orange Board of Education with educational disabilities to include:


    ¨      Administer interest inventories

    ¨      Schedule functional vocational evaluations with outside agencies

    ¨      Attend student IEP meetings through out district and out of district as requested

    ¨      Provide individual and group sessions with students on issues pertaining to self advocacy, service linkage, instructional goals, pre employment training etc.

    ¨      Conduct workshops to prepare special needs students and increase enrollment in the following programs (shared time vocational school candidates, summer employment, conferences, award programs etc.)

    ¨      Dissemination of transitional resource information to students, district staff and families

    ¨      Development of services (structured learning experiences, job shadowing, supported employment etc.)

    ¨      Develop partnerships with businesses, community based organizations, hospitals, schools and colleges leading to Structured Learning Experiences, employment or enrollment

    ¨      Provide individual parent sessions/group parent trainings on advocacy and resource information

    ¨      Coordinate and schedule student conferences, social and vocational/college field trips

    ¨      Follow up on referral to agencies

    ¨      On going contact with state agencies (DVRS, PerformCare,DDD, NJ One Stop, SSI etc.)

    ¨      Collaborate with administration, structured learning experience coordinator, child study teams, guidance departments and support staff in and out of district

    ¨      Coordinate transportation, lunch, chaperones etc. for vocational training, instruction, activities & other outside of schools

    ¨      Attend conferences relating to Transitional issues (i.e. Transitional Coordinators Network etc.)



Last Modified on September 21, 2021