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    SYLLABUS 2022-2023

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    Availability: 8am-8pm Everyday


    Course Description: AP U.S. History covers the spectrum of American history from pre- Columbian days to the present. Using chronological and thematic approaches to the material, the course integrates extensive primary and secondary sources. Class participation through discussions and historical thinking activities are required to be successful. An emphasis is placed on close reading and writing to develop analytical skills and prepare for the AP examination. The course is structured chronologically, divided into 9 Periods outlined in the AP U.S. History curriculum framework. 


    Textbook & Supplemental Text:

    • Davidson, Delay, Heyrman, Lytle, and Stoff. Experience History. S.l.: New York: McGraw-Hill Education, 2019. Web. 
    • Zinn, Howard. A People’s History of the United States. New York: Harper Collins, 2003. 

    *Zinn can be accessed online - free!

    • NewMan, and Schmalbach. United States History. SI.: Des Moines: AMSCO, 2018,2020

    Grading: All grades will be based on points you earn from assignments in your notebook, tests, projects and writing: 

    90 - 100 = A           89 – 80 = B          70 – 79 =C        65 - 69% = D


    ****Late Work is accepted in AP, but you lose one full letter grade each day it is late****


    Points earned are weighted to place the most importance on exams and writing: 

    • 35% Exams: 
      • Multiple choice exams/ mock AP test and Written Exams
    • 35% Writing (DBQ, Long Essay and Short Answer)
      • Each week will consist of a writing assignment 
      • Most Fridays will include assessment of an AP Skill
    • 20% Homework 
      • Study guides
      • Cornell Notes for each chapter.


    • 10% Outside Projects 

    Homework: The amount of reading required in this AP United States History course is substantial and may seem overwhelming. You will be completing at least a chapter a week from your student textbook via cornell notes. Also at times you will be  asked to view material on google classroom and  You will also be expected to read some chapters from A People’s History of the United States, 1492- present by Howard Zinn and you will write responses addressing major themes or questions in the readings. You are responsible for all information that you are assigned, even if we don’t discuss it in class. 

    Communication- Open lines of communication are vital to success. Please do not hesitate to contact me!

    Academic Integrity: You are expected to do your own work and not share it with others. Downloading assignments, essays or other works from the internet or sharing assignments electronically and submitting them as your own, is unethical and will result in a zero! If any portion of your work is not your own, your entire grade for that assignment will be a zero, along with the person who shared it with you - REALLY!


    Absences / Tardy:

    Once the bell rings, you will be considered tardy and a pass is required. If you are absent, it is your responsibility to email the teacher on their pvlearners account or check the teacher's website for assignments. Excessive absences will take a toll on your grade, it is crucial that you attend class and be present and prepared everyday.


    Late Work: If you are absent, you have one day for each day of your absence at no penalty according to PVUSD policy. If something is assigned before your absence such as an essay or test, it is due the day you return - the exception are outside projects which must be turned in the day they are due (NO EXCEPTIONS).


    Extra Credit: Two opportunities will be given per quarter and also a peer tutoring extra credit will be offered. 


    Missed Exams: If you are absent on the day of an exam you will be expected to make up the exam the day you return.. There will be no exceptions. It is in your best interest to be here on test days. Absence prior to the exam is no excuse not to take the exam unless you miss more than two days. 


    Questions/Concerns/Emergencies: I am only a snap away!! …better yet drop by my classroom during the hours I am not teaching! I strongly recommend that you communicate with me in person about assignments or if you have an emergency that would impact your grade. 


    Participation: Please come to class prepared and ready to learn. It is crucial for the benefit of the entire class that we have a learning environment based on respect for you as an individual, other students and the teacher. 

    • Electronic devices should be turned off and inside a purse or backpack
    • Arrive on time
    • Limit your need to leave the classroom to emergencies only! 
    • Regardless of whether you are taking the AP exam in May, ALL assignments, projects and exams must be completed.
    • Be RESPECTFUL - to yourself, other students and the teacher.


    AP Exam: It is expected that you will register for the AP exam. Earning a score of a 4 or 5 gives you college credit. In order to be considered for a grade change due to your AP score of a 4 or 5; you MUST complete ALL assignments.


    Video Clips and movies: We will be supplementing our traditional learning activities with video clips that will assist students in processing history. These clips are usually around 2 - 3 minutes and will be accompanied with questions to insure students understand the objective of the video clip. AFTER the AP exam, we will watch two movies (Greenbook and The Post) that address history we have learned and examine how history is reflected in movies as entertainment. To what extent is history in movies accurate and the problems with historical dramas. ALL movies and video clips adhere to District standards.


    Also please note that I will be contacting you guys one on one via the many avenues I have connected with this course, please share that information with your parents! This course is challenging and I make myself available to help no matter the time in and out of school so it will not be uncommon for me to contact you or you contact me after school hours..please do not put me on the News!


    APUSH Contract 2019 - 2020:


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    We have both read and understand the components of this course outline of AP U.S. History according to the syllabus:



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