• Mr. Lemke’s 9th Grade

    Global Studies

    Class Syllabus


    Hill, McGraw. World History and Geography (Columbus, OH: McGraw Hill, 2018)



    The events that shaped our modern world are complex and never finite.  The purpose of this course is to examine and create an understanding for the cultural, political, and economic contributions of the “non-western” world.  This course will have its roots in early human history and go on to cover:  The Middle-East, Asia, Africa, and South America.


    Classroom Rules & Expectations:

    • Arrive prepared and on time.

    • Be respectful towards your fellow student’s opinion.  Everyone has a voice to be heard.

    • Be in your assigned seat and ready to work when the bell rings.

    • Homework/Projects are due at the their assigned time.

    • Follow directions the first time they are given.

    • This is a food and beverage free classroom.



    1. Warning

    2. After-School Detention & Contacting Parents

    3. Write up/Meeting with parents and/or administrators.



    25% Tests

    20% Quizzes

    20% Classwork (journals, logs, assignments, tasks, demonstrations, skill application).

    25% Authentic Assessments (portfolios, performance assessments, projects).

    10% Homework (including long term projects, essays, research papers).


    Unexcused Lateness to Class

    Three (3) late to class infractions constitute one day’s absence in that class.  Repeated acts of cutting class and unexcused late to class infractions may result in failure of that marking period.  Failure for excessive cuts and/or lateness is subject to administrative review by the principal.


    How to Succeed:

    Make a habit of……

    • Coming to class on time on a regular basis

    • Being prepared for every class (books, notebooks, pen/pencil, homework, etc.)

    • Listening carefully in class

    • Handing in assigned work on time

    • Writing legibly and spelling words correctly

    • Asking for help

    • Doing your own work.  Academic dishonesty is not in your best interest and will not support your learning.

    • Planning for quiet home study five nights per week on the average.


    Required Materials:

    Google Login (THIS IS REQUIRED)

    1 Folder with loose leaf paper

    1 1-Subject notebook

    2 Pens or 2 Pencils









    Bring this paper back with 2 signatures


    Receive a 100% on your 1st homework assignment!