• Enrichment/Homework Page
    Subject:   ESL
    Date: July-September

     English Grammar

    As the name suggests this website covers the ins and outs of English grammar from basic prepositions to the complexities of English grammar needed in business writing.


     Grammar Quizzes

    Grammar Quizzes is not your average ESL grammar site. If you’re looking to practice real English with a realistic meaningful context, this grammar website will give you a range of realistic everyday scenarios using a specific grammar point. This will make the learning experience that much more enjoyable and valuable.


    OWL Purdue

    This is perhaps one of the most comprehensive academic writing sites available today. Here you’ll be able to brush up on your grammar skills, learn how to paraphrase properly, but most importantly learn about what plagiarism  and how it would affect you. You need to know that the consequences are harsh, so it’s not worth it.


     Re-Writing Basics

    Become an incredibly talented writer by completing these writing exercises that increase in difficulty. Tick the boxes while you write by following the site’s comprehensive writing checklist, and if that’s not enough follow the step-by-step tutorial on how to avoid plagiarism and make your writing uniquely yours.