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    Schoolwires is an easy to use software application that helps us to create dynamic websites.  It does this by allowing users, who have been assigned editing capabilities, to create websites very easily.  Using Schoolwires has a similar complexity to using Microsoft Word.  

    Schoolwires is accessed through the internet, which means it can be accessed anywhere.  User names and passwords are given to not only allow certain people to add and change information, but also to allow the us to put certain information on the website that only appropriate people can see.  


    Schoolwires allows for the creation of:

    • Calendars
    • Surveys
    • Forms
    • Blogs (ways to electronically chat)
    • Podcasts (downloadable videos)
    • Photo Galleries
    • And a whole lot more


    Detailed guide to help you with all the features of your section workspace.
    shows you how to navigate your section workspace and work with page layouts and apps.
    shows you how to quickly insert images, links, files, and sound clips.
    Blogging Concept. Modern Line Style Illustration. Multicolor Blogging Drawn on White Brick Wall. Doodle Icons. Doodle Design Style of  Blogging for Kids Concept. 

    When you are in Site Manager you have direct access to help articles, interactive video tutorials, and other additional resources.
    Just log in, go to Site Manager, and click on the "How do I?" tab.