• Technology in the 21st Century

    Technology in the 21st central

          Technology is uniquely positioned to transform learning, to foster critical thinking, creativity, and innovation, and to prepare students to thrive in the global economy. As engaged digital learners, students are able to acquire and apply content knowledge and skills through active exploration, interaction, and collaboration with others across the globe, challenging them to design the future as envisioned in the statements that follow:

    Mission: Technology enables students to solve real world problems, enhance life, and extend human capability as they meet the challenges of a dynamic global society.

    Vision: The systematic integration of technology across the curriculum and in the teaching and learning process fosters a population that leverages 21st century resources to:

    · Apply information-literacy skills to access, manage, and communicate information using a range of emerging technological tools.

    · Think critically and creatively to solve problems, synthesize and create new knowledge, and make informed decisions that affect individuals, the world community, and the environment.

    · Gain enhanced understanding of global interdependencies as well as multiple cultural perspectives, differing points of view, and diverse values.

    · Employ a systemic approach to understand the design process, the designed world, and the interrelationship and impact of technologies.

    · Model digital citizenship.