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    Posted by Kayode Fakinlede on 9/15/2020 5:00:00 PM

    OR by joining your child’s class on the Reminder Application:

    Chemistry 1st. period- @dbfcbg

    Chemistry 3rd. Period - @eh4hbd

    Chemistry 4th. period - @78de62

    Chemistry 6th. period - @f76k3e

    Chemistry 7th. period - @h8g72b

    Chemistry 8th. period - @26dc72


    Below are links and codes to access my Google Classroom. All assignments are expected to be completed during the afternoons (DO-DAY)

    Please note, parents/guardians will be contacted if students do not submit assignments.

    Chemistry 1st. period - Code:wkmh24w

    Chemistry 3rd Period - Code: 67ktzao

    Chemistry 4th Period - Code: gmomx3r

    Chemistry 6th, Period - Code: 27gg6ei

    Chemistry 7th, Period - Code: 7rx7ujr

    Chemistry 8th, Period - Code: isn34oh

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