• Distance Learning Assessment

    Distance Learning For Students

    Distance learning is a form of flexible learning whereby students can take classes from the convenience of their home or office, log in any time of the day and any day of the week, so they are not bound by a rigid class schedule.

    Distance learning is ideal in the event of school closings or national emergencies.

    Online Courses

    When you take a class online, you connect with the instructor and other students through the Internet, using Google Classroom or any district approved course management systems.

    You take tests, write papers, complete homework assignments, ask and answer questions, and participate in discussions from a computer with an Internet connection.

    Online courses have the same high quality and standards as regular on-campus courses. Although online courses are very flexible, you need to make sure you are motivated to making the commitment to login to the course regularly, keep up with your coursework, and participate in required activities.

    Google Classroom is easy to use. If you can surf the web, use a word processor, communicate by email, work with email attachments and the discipline to work independently you have the basic skills needed to succeed in distance learning or an online course.

    Partially Online(Hybrid) Courses

    A partially online (hybrid)course is a class that meets part of the time in a traditional classroom setting and the rest of the class work is done online via the Internet. Typically, a partially online (hybrid) course replaces at least one meeting time per week with online course activities through Google Classroom. The online work is completed within the week before the next in-class meeting, but normally does not require a student to be at their computer at a specific time of the day.

    It is the responsibility of the student to login to their online or hybrid course to continue weekly discussions and submit assignments at the best time of day or night for the student, giving these types of courses a flexibility not available to a regular classroom course.

    District attendance policy will be enforced.

    Methods of Assessment for Distance Learning

    1. Online Learning Modules (Google Classroom / EverFi / Flocabulary / Others)
    2. Fill-in-the-Blank Activities
    3. Matching Questions
    4. Forum Post
    5. Peer Evaluation and Review
    6. Pool/Quiz results
    7. Exit Cards