• Ms. Johns

    English IV 

    * For course material, please see the link to curriculum.

    Course Outline

    There will be four major units this year. Each unit will include:

     * At least one common, whole-class text

    * Independent reading selections

    * Seminars in small groups and with the whole class

    * Summative writing assignments

    Late Work and Missing Assignments

     It is your responsibility to know the due dates of your assignments.  If you have missing assignments, it is difficult to demonstrate your abilities. However, I will accept late assignments with credit deducted.  I understand that sometimes we have unavoidable situations in our lives that prevent us from meeting a deadline. If you miss a deadline, communicate with me; we will work together to find a solution. 

    Class Preparation and Practice

     At home preparation for class is an important component of our course. This might include reading and/or responding to what we've read. You will also be expected to continue practicing what we have been exploring in class in order to extend learning. The products from your preparation and practice will often be collected. Be prepared to turn in or "show" your work! Then, you will surely earn credit for what you've accomplished.