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    Welcome to U.S. History I with Ms. Joyner. I am very excited to be working with you and helping you to expand your knowledge of American History.



    This year's goal:

    Our goal this year is to provide the students with a basic knowledge of United States History. The course will also provide students with the knowledge of how events in the past influence modern society by drawing connections between past and present events. The course will explore the foundations of the United States democracy, individual rights and responsibilities of its citizens. This course provides the student with a framework to be a responsible citizen and voter in the United States.

    Historical Thinking

    The main focus question will be “What do historians do?” We will utilize inquiry based lessons. This is something we will create a foundation for in the beginning of the year and become better at it as we work together.

    Units and Topics to be covered:

    Strand 1 American History


    Unit 1  Early Civilization Pre-Columbian to 1500s

    Unit  2 Exploration & Colonization 1500s-1700s

    Unit 3 Revolution & New Nations 1700s-1820s

    Unit 4 Western Expansion 1800-1860

    Unit 5 Civil War & Reconstruction 1860-1877

    Unit 6 Emergence of Modern US 1875-1829

    Unit 7 Great Depression and WWII 1929-1945

    Unit 8 Postwar US 1945-1970s