Music Theory

    If you will be taking Music Theory in the fall with Mr. Postas, here are some things for you to be working on over your summer break:

    Treble and Bass clef notation:  we will be learning how to read and write music notation in treble and bass clefs as soon as we begin school

    in September.  Reading and writing notes in both clefs are the building blocks of the language of music and like the ABC's of building words

    and sentences in learning to read.  One way to learn music notation is through drilling - like using flashcards.  (Just like you may have learned

    to add/subtract/multiply and divide in math.)  There are several good websites available to help learn music notation.  One I like to use that is

    free is called Music and they offer many different ways to drill note recognition as well as other exercises.  Here is the link:   


    Another great website you can use to learn music notation is called Music and you can use the following link to get there:   On this website, a beginner can learn about the lines and spaces on the staff,

    you will also learn about leger lines.  If you continue reading further into the article, it explains notes and their values.  It also goes further into intervals

    and other elements but we will learn these down the road.