• Orange High School

    Course Outline/Syllabus



    Instructor: Jennifer Higgins                                               Planning Period: 2021-2022

    Email: Higginje@orange.k12.nj.us                                     Classroom #: 107

    Phone #: (973)- 677-4050                                                 


    Parents are encouraged to contact me regarding any questions or concerns regarding your child in my class. You can reach me at my email address or you can leave a message at (973)-677-4050. I will do my best to return emails and/or phone calls within 48 hours.


    Course DescriptionThis year long class will help prepare students to live independently or semi-independently. It is structured for students who have a need for developing the functional skills necessary to live independently or semi-independently. The main focus of the class is to build confidence in most aspects of daily living, develop functional skills and learn to access community resources that are available.



    Course Objectives:

    ·         Develop Positive Attitudes

    ·         Develop Positive Social skills & Etiquette

    ·         Develop Effective Communication Skills

    ·         How to Relate to Your Instructors

    ·         Learn How to Think and Make Correct Decisions

    ·         Come to Understand Their Purpose and Potential

    ·         Develop Organizational Skills

    ·         Develop Goal Setting/Time Management Skills

    ·         Developing a Healthy Lifestyle: Personal Hygiene & Nutrition

    ·         Learn How to Improvise in Pressed Situations

    ·         Learn Money/Credit Management Skills

    ·         Identify Career Choices and Follow Through

    ·         Learn Employment Seeking & Job Interviewing Skills

    ·         Learn how to Prepare for Responsible Independent Living

    ·         Learn how to Read a Thomas Guide, use Postal Mail forms,

    ·         Complete Applications, etc.

    ·         Develop Positive Work Ethics

    ·         Learn How To Be Motivated To Reach Their Goals

    ·         Be a Positive Influence in Their community, good Citizens and

           Leaders, and more...                

    Course Outline:

    ·         Due to The nature of the student’s disabilities listed in their I.E.P’s flexibility is a must. All topics listed in objectives will be covered throughout the school year.



    Every Day Life Skills, Math For The Work World, English For The Work World, General Science, America’s Story



    Required Supplies:

    1.    Pencils

    2.    Notebooks

    3.    School Supplies

    Note: It is mandatory that each student to have their textbook and notes in class every day.

    Note: Parents/Guardians & administrators will have the right to look at the students’ notebooks at any time.


    Grading Policy:

    Student will be graded on effort.                             



        Homework will be given Daily to reinforce daily lessons.



         Projects will be done during class time.



    Test will be given at the end of each unit. Students will be expected to receive a grade of at least 70% accuracy.


    Make-Up Policy:

    All can be made up within 5 days of original due date, with approval of teacher.


    Classroom Rules of Conduct:

        Everyone must me respectful of each other. No use of foul language.


    Academic Dishonesty Policy:

    Cheating or trying to pass anyone else’s work as your own will result in a guaranteed failure.



    Requirements to Receive Credit:

        Reasonable Attendance, being prepared and giving an honest effort.



    Note to Parents/Guardians:

    Communication is encouraged for me to provide your child with the best possible education. Please feel free to contact or visit me in the classroom.


Last Modified on June 23, 2022