• Teacher Contact

    Teacher: Mr. Davila

    Email: davilajo@orange.k12.nj.us


    Course Description

    Algebra 1 is a year-long 10 credit course that develops the foundation for the mathematical knowledge and skills students need to become college and career ready.  During this course, students will be introduced to variables, algebraic expressions, equations, functions, inequalities, and their multiple representations.  The students develop the ability to explore and solve real-world application problems, demonstrate the appropriate use of graphing calculators, and communicate mathematical ideas clearly.  This course lays the foundation to every subsequent course in mathematics. 


    Course Outline

    Unit 1- Quantitative Relationships, Graphs, and Functions

    Unit 2- Linear Equations, Inequalities, and Functions

    Unit 3- Quadratic Relationships and Functions

    Unit 4- Solving Quadratic Equations

    Unit 5- Sequences and Exponential Functions

    Unit 6- Descriptive Statistics


    Course Materials 

    Textbook: Carnegie Algebra I CCSS


    Carnegie Learning Tutorials online Learning: 




    Your Algebra I grade is made up the following categories and their corresponding weights:


    Authentic Assessments     25%
    Tests                              25%
    Classwork / Participation  20%
    Quizzes                          20%
    Homework                      10%

    Authentic Assessments: Minimum of 2 authentic assessment projects per marking period

    Tests: Minimum of 2 tests per marking period, plus a diagnostic before the start of every unit

    Classwork: Minimum of 15 classwork grades per marking period.  Whether it is individual work or group work, students are expected to actively work on these assignments. Class work may be collected at the end of the class to be graded for accuracy. 

    Quizzes/Checkups: Minimum of 6 quizzes per marking period

    Homework: Minimum of 9 homework assignments per marking period.  Homework assignments should be treated as if they were take-home tests because it will be graded for correctness and thoroughness. Therefore, answers must be correct and all work must be provided in order to receive full credit. If work is not provided, it will automatically be ½ points off, even if the answers are correct. Below are some important guidelines to follow:

    • Homework is due on your desk during the Do Now at the beginning of class every day.  If you fail to turn in your homework at the designated time, the most you can get is ½ credit.
    • If a student is absent from school on the day homework is due, they are expected to turn it in the day they return. If a student is only absent from my class, they are still expected to turn in their homework on time at some point during the day.
    • Any student suspected of copying (or letting others copy) homework will receive a 0.
    • When possible, ask teacher for help.  This will be the best way for you to do well on these assignments. I am here every morning, and will stay after school upon request.


    Participation Grade (part of classwork grade):

    You should earn 5 tickets/points each day.  Teacher will collect all tickets at the end of every class.


    1 point: being on time and seated quietly 

    1 point: correctly following the startup procedure

    1 point: quietly taking notes during lesson

    1 point: correctly following the exit ticket procedure 

    1 point: displaying excellent student behavior during 100% of class


    Required Supplies

    Each student is responsible for coming to class everyday with the following:

    • Carnegie textbook (teacher will provide textbook, and student must bring it to class everyday)
    • 1” three-hole binder for Algebra class (will contain all notes for this course. Students are responsible for their Algebra binder and all materials/notes in it, even if it is lost or stolen - at which time they will be responsible for replacing.)
    • Lined, three-hole paper placed inside Algebra binder for taking notes (also called “filler paper”)
    • Class work folder for storing graded classwork and homework assignments
    • Pencils with erasers
    • Ruler

    Rules of Conduct & Guidelines

    Students are expected to uphold all rules and regulations for OPA’s 2021 – 2022 school year, as well as Mr. Davila’s classroom rules and procedures. Below are some specific rules that should be followed in my classroom (additional rules will be discussed and posted in classroom on first day): 

    Be respectful to yourself, your classmates, and your teacher(s)
    Do not become a disruption or a distraction in class. This will not be tolerated, and the student will receive detention and/or be removed from class if this occurs. Removal from class would result in loss of participation and classwork points for the day, and possible administrative action.
    Be on time. This means in your seat and quiet before the class starts.
    Follow proper start up procedure. First 10 minutes are spent doing either a Do Now problem or taking an “entrance slip” which will assess students on the previous day’s material. Entrance slips should be taken seriously and with NO talking, so as to simulate a testing environment.  Your homework should be on your desk for the teacher to grade while you are working on your Do Now.
    Do your classwork with purpose and urgency. Complete all classwork with the intention to LEARN something, not to just check it off a list.
    Cell phones should be off and placed in the proper location for the duration of the class. If the student has their cell phone out, it will be taken away and returned at the end of the class period. If a student’s phone is taken away more than 2 times, it will then be given to school administration and a parent will have to come in to retrieve it.


    Students are responsible for all material taught. If pacing is too fast for a particular student, then they must seek extra help from teacher either before or after school. If a student is absent or removed from class, then points will be lost from their participation/class work grade and they will still be responsible for all material they may have missed. Students have as many days as they were absent to make up additional assignments (including quizzes and tests). For example, if a student is only absent for 1 day and misses a class work assignment, then it is THEIR responsibility to turn in the assignment within 1 day after their return. If a student is absent for 2 days and misses a class work assignment and a quiz, then it is THEIR responsibility to turn in the assignment and make up the quiz within 2 days after their return.