Ms. Venable


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    E-mail  venablte@orange.k12.nj.us    

    Google Classroom:  tvenable@orange.k12.nj.us

    Phone:  (973) 677-4500



    Course Description:  Accounting is the language of business.  After completing this course, you will have a major advantage when taking college accounting and possess the skills necessary for entry-level accounting and bookkeeping careers.  During the course of the semester you will:  prepare financial records, develop financial reports, enhance your general knowledge of business, and learn payroll and taxes.



    Grading Policy:






    Authentic Assesment




    Tests will be given at the end of each chapter.    Occasional quizzes will be given as well. 





    Homework and In-class assignments are designed as a reinforcement tool in the learning process and to help in the development of new skills related to this course. As an integral part of this process these activities are designed to help students locate the areas they may be struggling to comprehend.

    In developing new skills and understandings there are many different learning opportunities to improve on previous mistakes. It will be used for students to advance their understanding of the materials to help reach an overall level of mastery of skills for this course. For these reasons homework/in-class work will simply be graded on a completion/effort basis.


    All assignments must be submitted on time.

    Late work will receive a score of no more than 2.1.




    • Century 21 Accounting, 10E Textbook (You will keep the textbooks in the classroom. If you need to take one to catch up on work, ask.)
    • Aplia Website


    Materials Needed for Class Every Day:

    • Textbook
    • Pencil (all written work will be done in pencil)
    • Folder
    • Calculators are provided.  Cell phones and computers will not be allowed to be used on tests.  If you are planning on taking Accounting II or getting a business major/minor in college, you will need a Financial Calculator so that might be the way to go for this class.




    Classroom Expectations (PAR):

    • be Polite
    • be Appropriate
    • be Respectful


    Expectations for Accounting class:


    • Be on time for class. You will be expected to be on time in the workforce, so we will start to work on that behavior now. 


    • When I am talking, when we are having a classroom discussion, and when we are taking a test/quiz you must be quiet.


    • Clean up your work area before leaving class.


    • Use appropriate language.
    • Take care of the classroom and its contents (desks, books, etc.)
    • Use class time wisely.  Any work that is not finished in class will be expected to be done outside of class, unless told otherwise.


    • You are in this class to learn Accounting.  To learn accounting you need to do work.  If you have no interest in learning about Accounting, you should look for another class to fill your schedule.








    Syllabus Approval Form


    By signing, and returning, this form, we admit to reading and understanding all of the information provided on the syllabus for Ms. Venable’s Accounting I class.  Any information about course content, areas of focus, expectations, and grading procedures is fully understood and those items described will be followed in accordance to the syllabus throughout the length of the course.



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