• Orange High School

    Foodservice Preparation Syllabus

     Instructor: Mrs. Nazi Badruddin                                 


    Course Description:

         The course ‘Diet & Nutrition’ & ‘Food Basics’ are prerequisite for this course. Foodservice Preparation is a full year course and third sequential course on culinary art career track at Orange High School. The course is designed for students who are interested in careers in foodservice industry. The course focuses on food service management and food preparation skills. Students can achieve ServSafe Foodservice Manager Certification by passing the exam offered by National Restaurant Association.

     Course Objectives:

    • Students will learn to identify the role and duties of each member of foodservice staff.
    • Students will demonstrate service skills that provide exceptional customer service.
    • Students will be able to work in the kitchen safely and efficiently to prepare a wide variety of foods.


    Monthly Outline: (This is an anticipated timeline, as students in this class actively participate in food preparation/catering for school events which may result in modifying the timeline.


    • Safety and sanitation principles
    • Foodservice career options
    • Knife skills


    • Foodservice management: Managing people and facilities
    • Foodservice standards and regulations
    • Knife skills
    • Industrial Equipment & Technology


    • Providing Safe Food
    • Forms of Contamination
    • The Safe Foodhandler


    • The Flow of Food
    • Receiving
    • Storage
    • Food Preparation


    • Food Safety Management Systems
    • HACCP Management


    • Safe Facilities & Pest Management
    • Cleaning and Sanitication


    • Creating menus and pricing, calculating food costs
    • Using Standardized recipes


    • Napkin Folding
    • Meal Preparation and dining service

    May & June

    • Types of Dining services
    • Entrepreneurship/ development of business plan

     Required supplies:

    1. Lined paper
    2. Writing utensils

    Note: It is mandatory that each student maintains a folder to place all notes and classwork in it.

    Note: Parents/Guardians & administrators will have the right to look at the students’ folder at any time.

     Textbook:   Johnson & Wales University, ‘Culinary Essentials’ by My Glencoe & McGraw Hill publishers.

    Participation: Students are expected to come to class each day prepared with either a pen or a pencil to write with and loose leaf paper for their folders. It is also expected that all students will participate during all class discussions, class projects, food lab, group work and activities. One of the main objectives of this class is to prepare for career readiness in food & culinary industry, therefore it is expected that students will be able to work independently with supervision. Any student who comes to class unprepared or is not focused on the task at hand will not receive participation credit for that day.

    Assignments: Each week reading assignments will be given from the textbook. Writing assignments will be given to summarize the major ideas and themes of the week’s readings. Students are expected to maintain their folders with all completed assignment in it. Folders will remain in the class and students are not allowed to take it home.

    Work Make-Up Policy: In case of an excused absence the student must make up the missed assignment within three days and submit it to place it in their folder to get full credit. It is student’s responsibility to get the missing assignment and complete it. All weekly assignments will be posted on my web page.

    Tests: Students will be given a test at the end of each section. They will also take a final exam at the end of the semester. The final will consist of both written and food lab component.

    Extra Credit: Students may earn extra credit by bringing in additional research or any food/nutrition related current event from a reputable source. Students can earn up to 10% for the semester.

    Grades: Grades will be given based on completion and performance on all assignments, food lab, class participation and tests as well.

    Assignments, classwork: 20%

    Food Lab (Authentic Assessment): 25%

    Exams/Tests:  30%

    Class Participation in discussions, team work:  15%

    Homework: 10%

     Explanation of Academic Grades

    A (Exceeds the Standard) ….. 100- 90

    B (Meets the Standard)…..89-80

    C (Marginally Meets the Standard)…..79-70

    D (Below Standard)…..69-65

    F (Unsatisfactory Performance 64 and below)

    District guidelines indicate 72% and below mandates a parent teacher confer



    1. No Cell Phone use in class! Electronic devices must stay out of sight in a bag or pocket. Any student caught using an electronic device will receive one warning to put it away for the remainder of the class, failure to do so will result in the confiscation of the device till the end of the school day. If something is confiscated it is the responsibility of the student to retrieve it at the end of the school day. If a device is confiscated more than twice or the student is warned to put it away more than three times will start at step three of the general sequence of consequences listed below.
    2. Any derogatory or foul language is unacceptable in my class. Failure to comply will follow the general sequence of consequences.
    3. All school rules apply in class as well.

     General Sequence of Consequences: In general this is the pattern of steps that will be taken for some behavior or activity that is distracting to the educational process.

    1. The first time something becomes a problem the student will be given a warning to stop.
    2. The second time it becomes an issue the student will be pulled aside to talk with the teacher.
    3. The third time a call will be made to the parent or guardian.
    4. The fourth time the student will receive a referral to the office and a parent teacher conference will be arranged.

     Requirements to Receive Credit:

    • Be present in class daily
    • Participate in class activities
    • Complete all assignments

     Note to Parents/Guardians:

    It is student’s responsibility to come to class and perform the activities that are outlined for them. As a parent/guardian/teacher we can only encourage them to do the task diligently and provide them with the environment that nurtures learning. Please stay in touch via email, phone or school visit to make our student realize that both parent and teacher are connected and they share the common goal that the student succeeds.



    Welcome Back! Looking forward to a wonderful 2019-20 School year!!






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