• Smart

    Getting Started with Smart

    The following free training resources will provide you with an overview on how to get started with SMART Notebook collaborative learning software, how to use the Gallery and Lesson Activity Toolkit, and how to create engaging, interactive SMART Notebook lessons.

    Quick Reference Guides

    Self-paced tutorials

    YouTube videos

    • SMART Notebook Layers – video
      This video shows you how to create simple layers and groups to create engaging lessons.

    • The Transparent Background – video
      This video shows you how to use the Transparent Background in SMART Notebook software.

    The Gallery and the Lesson Activity Toolkit

    The Gallery and the Lesson Activity Toolkit provide collections of customizable tools and templates, including activities, games and graphics, and tools that you can use to create professional-looking, interactive and engaging lessons.

    Quick reference guides

    • The Lesson Activity Toolkit – PDF
    • Working with Gallery Collections – PDF ( Windows | Mac )

    Self-paced tutorials

    • The Lesson Activity Toolkit – tutorial English | French
    • The Notebook Gallery – tutorial English 


    • Using My Content – video
    • The SMART Lesson Activity Toolkit – video

    YouTube video

    • The Notebook Gallery – video
      This video shows you how to search and browse the SMART Notebook Gallery, and shows some examples of activities in the Gallery.

    Smart Board Page Recorder/Smart Recorder/Video Player

    • In Smart Notebook - PDF Tutorial English

    Additional Resources