• Digital Portfolios


    A digital portfolio is a computer-based collection of student performance over time. Portfolios make classroom learning more accessible to parents, administrators, and other district support staff because they provide a window into student learning. A portfolio showcases both student achievement and student learning over time. To demonstrate growth, a portfolio will often include similar work done over the course of several years.

    Digital Portfolio Checklist

    Digital Porfolio Reminders for Students

    Follow these steps: 


    1. Open 

    2. If you have a Digital Portfolio already, open it and add a 7th grade page. 

    3. If not, go to the Google Sites Template Gallery to Access the Gr 5-7 Digital Portfolio template to get started 

    4. Name your Portfolio like this - Bruce Wayne’s Digital Portfolio 

    5. Once you have a 7th grade page, create subpages for the subjects that you have this school year.   

    6. Then begin by choosing your best work for each class.  

    7. Here is an example


    Follow these steps: 


    1. Open 

    2. Open your Digital Portfolio 

    3. Upload the required items to your ELA page 


    Create a folder & title it Digital Portfolio

    1. Change the settings so that all documents can be shared by everyone 

    2. Click on share, and change to anyone with the link 

    3. Move all of your Digital Portfolio documents here  


    When you are finished, Publish Your Site 

    1. Share your Link using the Google Form

    2. Be sure that your link is only viewable by others.