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    Internet Acceptable Use Agreement

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    The Orange Board of Education is providing employees and students with access to the District’s electronic communication system, which includes Internet access.

    The District system has a limited educational purpose. The purpose of the District system is to assist in preparing students for success in life and work in the 21st century by providing them with electronic access to a wide range of information and the ability to communicate with people throughout the world. Additionally, the system will be used to increase District communications, enhance productivity, and assist District employees in upgrading their skills through greater exchange of information with their peers. The District system will also assist the District in sharing information with the local community, including parents/guardians, social service agencies, government agencies, and business on a regular basis, as local access becomes more universal.

    Users may not use the District system for commercial purposes, defined as offering or providing goods or services or purchasing goods or services for personal use. District acquisition policies will be followed for the District's purchase of goods or services throughout the District system.

    Users may not use the system for political lobbying. District employees and students may use the system to communicate with their elected representatives and to express their opinion on political issues.

    The term “educational purpose” includes the use of the system for classroom activities and professional or career development.


    The District’s Acceptable Use Policy will govern all use of the District system. The policy must be read and signed in agreement by students, parents, and employees prior to access to the Internet being available for an individual.

    Parental Responsibility

    The District Acceptable Use Policy contains restrictions on accessing inappropriate materials. The District encourages parents/guardians to specify to their child(ren) what material is not acceptable to access through the District System.

    The District Acceptable Use Policy contains restrictions on accessing inappropriate materials. There is a wide range of materials available on the Internet, some of which may not be acceptable to the particular values of families and students. It is not practically possible for the District to monitor and enforce a wide range of social values in student use of the Internet. Further, the District recognizes that parents/guardians bear primary responsibility for transmitting their particular set of family values to their children. The District will encourage parents/guardians to specify to their child(ren) what material is and is not acceptable for their child(ren) to access through the District system.

    Parents/guardians have the right to request the termination of their child’s Internet privileges at any time.

    Staff Responsibility

    When using the Internet for class activities, teachers will select material that is appropriate in light of the age of the students and that is relevant to the course objectives. Teachers will preview the materials and sites they require or recommend that students access, to determine the appropriateness of the material contained on or accessed through the site. Teachers will provide guidelines and lists of resources to assist their students in developing the skills to ascertain the truthfulness of information, distinguish fact from opinion, and engage in discussions about controversial issues while demonstrating tolerance and respect for those who hold divergent views.

    The building principal will serve as the building-level coordinator for the District system, will approve building-level activities, ensure teachers receive proper training in the use of the system and the requirements of this policy, establish a system to ensure adequate supervision of students using the system, maintain executed user agreements, and be responsible for interpreting the District Acceptable Use Policy at the building level.

    Acceptable Use Policy for Staff and Students

    The following uses of the District system are considered unacceptable:

    Personal Safety (Restrictions are for students only)

    • Users will not post personal contact information about themselves or other people. Personal contact information includes address, telephone, school address, work address, etc.
    • Users will not agree to meet with someone they have met online without their parent’s/guardian’s approval and written permission.
    • Users will promptly disclose to their teacher or other school employee any message received that is inappropriate or makes them feel uncomfortable.

    Illegal Activities

    • Users will not attempt to gain unauthorized access to the District system or any other computer system through the District system, or go beyond their authorized access. This includes attempting to log into another person’s account or access another person’s files. These actions are illegal, even if only for the purpose of “browsing”.
    • Users will not make deliberate attempts to disrupt the computer system performance or destroy data by spreading computer viruses or by any other means. These actions are illegal.
    • Users will not use the District system to engage in any other illegal act, including but not limited to arranging for a drug sale or the purchase of alcohol, engaging in criminal gang activity, threatening the safety of a person, etc.

    System Security

    • Users are responsible for the use of their individual account and should take all reasonable precautions to prevent others from being able to use their account. Under no conditions should a user provide their password to another person.
    • Users will avoid the inadvertent spread of viruses by following virus protection procedures. Immediately report any activity that is interfering with the functioning of the computer to the building Technology Coordinator. Scan disks with Norton’s Antivirus before using them. Do not load third party software onto district computers unless authorized by the building Technology Coordinator. Do not download from the Internet unless given permission by the building Technology Coordinator.

    Inappropriate Language

    • Users will not use obscene, profane, lewd, vulgar, rude, inflammatory, threatening, or disrespectful language.
    • Users will not engage in personal attacks, including prejudicial or discriminatory attacks.
    • Users will not harass another person. Harassment is persistently acting in a manner that distresses or annoys another person. If a user is told by another person to stop sending them messages, they must stop.

    Respecting Resource Limits

    • Users will use the system only for educational and professional or career development activities. Personal business is prohibited on the District system.
    • Users will not download large files unless absolutely necessary.
    • Users will check their e-mail frequently and delete unwanted messages promptly.

    Plagiarism and Copyright Infringement

    • Users will not plagiarize works that they find on the Internet. Users will respect the rights of copyright owners.

    Inappropriate Access to Material

    • Users will not use the District system to access material that is profane or obscene, that advocates illegal acts, or that advocates violence or discrimination towards other people.

    District Limitation of Liability

    The District makes no warranties of any kind, either express or implied, that the functions or the services provided by or through the District system will be error-free or without defects. The District will not be responsible for any damage users may suffer, including, but not limited to, loss of data or interruptions of service. The District is not responsible for the accuracy or quality of the information obtained or stored on the system. The District will not be responsible for financial obligations arising through the unauthorized use of the system.

    Due Process

    The District will cooperate with local, state, or federal officials in any investigation concerning or relating to any illegal activities conducted through the District system.

    In the event there is an allegation that a student has violated the District Acceptable Use Policy, the student will be provided with a written notice of the alleged violation and an opportunity to present an explanation before a neutral administrator.

    Disciplinary actions will be tailored to meet specific concerns related to the violation and to assist the student in gaining the self-discipline necessary to behave appropriately on an electronic network.

    Employee violations of the District Acceptable Use Policy will be handled in accord with District policy.

    Search and Seizure

    System users have no privacy expectations regarding the contents of their personal files on the District system. All files, including email, on the system are property of the District.

    Copyright and Plagiarism

    Copyright laws on plagiarism will govern the use of material accessed through the District system. Teachers will instruct students in appropriate research and citation practices. Employees will make a standard practice of requesting permission from the holder of the job if their use of the material has the potential of being considered an infringement.

    Student and Faculty Authorized Use Policy Agreement forms are available at the links below:

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