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    Don Johnston

    Co:Writer Universal (Extension) Word prediction that is grammar smart and inventive spelling aware. Speech recognition allows you to speak it, and we'll write it. Co:Writer® Universal Extension for Chrome™ helps you write with proper grammar and spelling using topic-specific vocabulary.

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    Below are a list of the Snap & Read Features:

    • Co:Writer helps give you the words and phrases you’re intending as you type—even if your grammar and spelling are way off. Just type a letter or two and Co:Writer “predicts” words and phrases in real time.
    • Co:Writer will turn it into text right before your eyes on Google Drive, email, and across the web. It even reads the dictated text aloud.
    • When writing on a topic, Co:Writer automatically understands the topic area and predicts ahead using topic-specific vocabulary.
    • Co:Writer is ready for your students who use writing accommodations on the state assessment. Select your state assessment (over 50 embedded) and Co:Writer automatically adjusts over 35 features to comply with testing accommodation requirements.
    • Turn around phonetic and inventive spellings of even the least sound-outable English spellings like elephant or rhythm.
    • Write on over 4 million topics from atomic structure to penguins—Co:Writer automatically pulls in the academic and topic-specific vocabulary—which helps when spelling words like ionization.
    • Get word prediction across languages with the right tense and conjugations. Supports Spanish, French, German, and English (Canadian, British, and American).
    • Get word-by-word translation in 25+ languages.  Write in your first language, and Co:Writer will translate in real time—right in the sentence. You can also hit the microphone button and speak the words. Co:Writer will translate automatically.

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    Co:Writer Chrome Extension Quick Card: Click to download

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    Co:Writer Tutorial Video: Comprehensive Overview for Chrome

    Co:Writer: Comprehensive Overview for Chrome from DonJohnstonInc on Vimeo.