Welcome to Forest Street Community School!
    Ms. Cooke-Principal
    Dr. Yanisca Cooke
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    Deeply rooted
    It is with great pleasure that I, Dr. Cooke, serve as Building Principal of this quality institution of learning. Collaboratively we (all staff) have developed a school mission which declares: Through the full collaboration of school staff, parents, and the community, we will prepare our students for the 21st century.  We will cultivate their confidence so that they will exceed their own expectations, and every child will be an achiever.
    Our school motto is “Building to Last”, as we educate our students we strive to develop a solid foundation in which can be built upon as they learn and grow. Our vision is to ensure that Forest Street Community School produces lifelong learners. We strive to educate the mind, motivate the body, cultivate the spirit, and teach with our hearts. We take pride in our shared beliefs:
    • All children can and will learn through collaboration, enthusiasm, and motivation
    • Learning never ends
    • Teachers should be flexible and able to accommodate all learning styles and intelligences
    • Each child has special abilities.  It’s our job as educators to figure out what those abilities are and make sure they are brought to light


    "We are confident that you will be impressed with our program here at Forest Street School and look forward to sharing more of our achievements!"