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    Physical Education/Health


    Forest Street Community School

    Orange Public Schools


    Physical Education/Health

    Office Hours For Emergency At-Home Instruction


    Monday - Friday        9am-11am

                                     1 pm-3pm

    Learning Resources



    Daily Stretches


    Daily Exercises

    Underhand Throw Instructions


    rd through th Grade must use Google Classroom

    Class Codes

    3rd - 4junkr5

    4th - me34yne

    5th -

    Class 1 - aqo5sxu

    Class 2 - hqzulfm

    6th - tzqvhro

    Monday 7th Health - c7cl2cx or 3p2bgsm

    Wednesday 7th Health - c7cl2cx or 3p2bgsm

    Monday- Thursday

    April 6 -9 

    Flexible Schedule - K-4

    Flexible Schedule - K-4 Times are suggestions.We understand that families may do instruction at different times. Use this as a guide to structure your child’s day and manage their time. Please click the link below to see the schedule.

    Flexible Schedule


    Complete Daily Stretches and Exercises and record your results in a notebook

    Write about your experience of exercise with the video.   Make sure you add your successes and challenges


    Workout Video Link


     Lastly there is a Brain Pop Jr. assignment through clever

    Assignments to be completed are to watch the Internet Safety Video and answer the assignments listed with the video and the Exercise video through Brain pop Jr. and the assignments linked tot he video

    Kindergarten links

    Ms Kiage 


    Brain pop Jr.

    Ms. Hanson


    Brain pop Jr.

    1st Grade Links

    Ms Kang Class


    Brain Pop Jr.

    Ms. Kiernan


    Brain Pop Jr.

    2nd Grade Links

    Ms. Bilica


    Brain Pop Jr.

    Ms. Brennan


    Brain Pop Jr.





    Attendance IS TAKEN FOR YOUR CHILD DAILY when they have my class through the attendance assignment

    Join my remind through this link:


    In Google Classroom assignments are listed along with your designated time in GOOGLE MEETS

    You are doing PE/Health during your normally scheduled time for a regular school day

    Look For your (code or Nickname) for Google MEETS in Classroom so we can check in on every ones progress with the assignments.

    Assignments for this week

    Daily Exercises and Stretches are due Thrusday April 9, 2020, 
    30 min Strong By ZUMBA Video complete by Thursday April 9,2020.