• CyberCamp 2019

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    Podcasting 101

    Learn more about Podcasting and how to create your own.


    Why Podcasting??

    Podcasting strengthens students' writing, editing, and speaking skills.


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    Use the links below to help you come up with topics for your podcast.


    Grades 6-8

    Podcast Topics 


    Grades 3-5

    Podcast Topics 

    Listen to some awesome Podcasts to get some inspiration

    Short and Curly

    A fun-filled podcast for kids all about ethical questions that get kids and adults thinking. “Do you have to love your sibling?” “Are some lies actually okay?” “Is it ever okay to fight back against a bully?”

    Youth Radio

    Youth Radio is a podcast for teens, published by teens. It was created to showcase the power of young people as makers of media, technology, and community. It brings the teen perspective to issues of public concern.

    NPR PodCamp

    NPR Illinois PodCamp is a week-long, summer enrichment day camp for students interested in technology, journalism, and the exciting world of media. Podcampers gain civic education and media literacy as they interview community leaders about a real topics, edit the interviews, and explain what they learned in the first episode of their very own podcast. Students may make more episodes after the week-long camp is complete.

    Explore More

    List of the best podcasts for kids to listen to.


    Personal Narrative Example

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     To help you practice speaking and listening we will be using Flipgrid to get comfortable and creative. Flipgrid is a fun tool to use and I know you will enjoy the recording process. I created my first FlipHunt to get you guys creating and speaking. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do!

    FlipHunt Directions

    Complete all of the tasks on the list below. Create a short video clearly showing each task on the Fliphunt Flipgrid. You may take a selfie and use stickers and filters to add creativity. Title the video of each task the hashtag provided. 

    • Say the alphabet backwards #alphabet
    • Name the last five presidents of the United States #presidents
    • Do the floss dance then tell me who created it #flossy
    • Explain what a podcast is #podcast
    • Tell a funny story #funstory
    • Read the NSTeens #bios, which character would you be 
    • Provide an adjective for every letter in your first name #acrosticpoem
    • Recite the lyrics of the first verse of your favorite song #lyrics
    • Recap the last movie that you saw in the theatre #movietime
    • Who is your favorite person in history and why #historicfigure
    • Watch the video and tell me what you would do #brokenfriendship
    • Salute the #flag
    • View the #presentation and tell three things you learned
    • What four rules did you learn from the #nspresentation


    Check out our flipgrids below to see how students did on each task.


    Session 1AM FlipGrid FlipHunt

    Session 1PM Flipgrid FlipHunt


    Session 2AM FlipGrid FlipHunt

    Session 2PM Flipgrid FlipHunt


    Cyber Safety Break 

    Let's learn some Netiquette as we go! The links provided will take you to NetSmartz. 


    Grades 7 and up


     Netsmartz Kids

    Grade K-5





    sound trap


     We will be using Soundtrap audio recording software to create our Podcasts. Soundtrap is a digital audio workstation that is accessible directly in your browser from multiple devices, including Windows, Mac, Chromebook,, Android phones and tablets and iPads. Soundtrap can be used individually to or collaborativelly to create music and/or podcasts.

    Soundtrap Tutorials


    Check out the cool podcasts we created during Cybercamp 2019


    Session 1AM Podcasts 

    The Gamers Show Podcast

    The Gamers Show is a podcast created by students in grades 4-6 about different video games that you can play online with a phone, tablet, game system, or computer. Students discuss why they like playing the games and provide tips and ways to stay safe while gaming online.

    The Gamer's Show

    J-Josl, Alex the Gamer, & Epic Gamer

    Episode 1 - NBA2K19, UFC3, GTA, Roblox

    Episode 2 - Fortnite, Mortal Kombat, & Minecraft 

    Episode 3 - WWE2k19, Super Smash Flash 2, Blockstar Planet


    Individual Podcasts - Personal Narratives

    Students created individual podcasts to share a personal story that happened in their lives 

    The Not So Shy Kid Anymore - Alex L. 

    My Grandmom Keeps Me Calm - Joshua H.

    Is That My House On Fire - Marvens J.


     Session 1PM Podcasts

    The CyberCamp Podcast Crew

    The Cyber Camp Podcast Crew is a Podcast about Online Safety . Students in grades 6-8 discuss online behavior using social media, offline consequences and protecting your safety and privacy while using the Internet. 

    Forheads   The Shawnie Show   The Mad Club


    Episode 1 - Social Networking

    Episode 2 - Offline Consequences 

    Episode 3 - Cyberbullying

    Episode 4 - Amy's Choice

    Episode 5 - Online Profiles

    Individual Podcasts - Personal Narratives

    Students created individual podcasts to share a personal story that happened in their lives 

    Drama - Madison T.

    I Won in Seven Seconds - Darren H.

    The First Grade Story - Arlet

    I Moved to El Salvador - Jocelyn S.

    What Makes You Happy - ForestHeads (Natalia, Destiny, Aja, Bre'yasia, Julien)



    Session 2 AM Podcasts

    Let's Talk Podcast

    Students worked together as a group to create a Podcast on various topics including personal stories of Kindness and Cyber Safety tips. They also work in groups to get to know each other by interviewing peers.

    Group 1   Group 2


    Episode 1 - Kindness (Naveah, Kimberly, Sofia, Samuel, Oneyoma, & Jose)

    Episode 2 - Bad Attitudes (Sheryl, Jose, Sofia, Oneyoma, Samuel, Saige, & Naveah)

    Episode 3 - Let's Get to Know Each Other Pt.1 (Naveah, Samuel, Oneyoma, & Jose)

    Episode - 4 Let's Get To Know Each Other Pt.2 (Sofia, Saige, & Sheryl)



    Session 2 PM Podcasts

    The Girl Power Podcast

    Students worked together and shared personal stories. They worked individually to create podcsasts episodes about themselves and they also interviewed a few highschoolers. 


    Episode 1 - Our Stories (Joianna, Madison, Faith)

    Epsiode 2 - 10 Things About Me (Madison) 

    Episode 3 - Who Am I (Joianna) 

    Episode 4 - I'm A Libra (Faith)  

    Episode 5 - Our Interview with Highschoolers


    Individual Scary Stories

    Students got creative and recorded their own scary stories

    It Will Always be There (Joianna)

    The Follower (Madison)