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    Ms. Hanson's Kindergarten Class coding with Ozobot.


    Ozobot for Education

     Teachers you can now use Ozobot robots to teach coding and creativity in your classroom. It comes with a set of 12 robots and everything you need to teach students how to code! Please stop by the computer lab to learn more.


    Ozobot in Action   Ozobot in Action   Ozobot in Action

    Ms. Kiage's Kindergarten class learning how to draw lines and curves with Ozobot.


    Ozobots are small robots with sensors along the bottom that read colors (red, green, blue, black) and can be programmed in two ways:

    1. Offline with paper and markers

    2. Digitally with block/drag and drop code on iPads, desktop computers, and most laptop computers



    Teacher Resources:

    Teacher's Guide

    Getting Started

    Free Lessons from Ozobot educators

    Ozobot BasicTraining


    Ozobot's color codes reference sheet:

    OzoCodes Reference Sheet


    Calibrate Ozobot for paper:



    Ozobot blinks RED when the battery is low. Charge the Ozobots with the included USB port charger. Ozobot blinks GREEN when it is nearing a full charge, and stays a SOLID GREEN when it is completely charged.

    If Ozobot is having difficulty following your code, try re-calibrating.


    Play Ozobot offline:

    Ozobot Dash Race

    Ozobot the Cloud


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    Download the Ozobot app for iPad

    Download the Ozobot app for Android tablet


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    Use the Ozoblockly editor to create code that you can upload to your Ozobot! See coding examples, complete challenges, and create your own designs at different experience levels